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Cartier is a French luxury jewelry and watch brand established in 1847. It is renowned for its intricate designs, use of precious materials, and historical ties to royalty and aristocracy.

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Cartier's History

Louis-François Cartier takes over his master's jewelry workshop at 29, rue Montorgueil in Paris in 1847. He was the son of a powder horn maker and had become a master jeweler the year before. He registered his trademark, the famous heart between the initials L and C surrounded by a diamond.

Cartier's Design

While the first two generations concentrated on jewelery and jewels, Louis Cartier demonstrated a passion for the art of watchmaking. During his productive period, he was able to provide an entirely new drive to the industry.
His vision, unrivaled sense of style, and the obvious result of his designs distinguished his creations to the products available. His ideas became design classics, effortlessly surviving superficial trends  and becoming timeless landmarks in their own right.

Louis Cartier expanded the company's offering with pendulum clocks, which are also manufactured in-house. This era produced many beautiful luxury models in the art déco style. He also introduced the early wristwatches, which were completely new and unusual at the time, in an era when men wore only pocket watches. 
Cartier Became one of the few jewelers that manufactured platinum jewelry. Because of this he became the most famous Gem dealer at the turn of the century,  supplying kings and monarchs, businessmen and royalty from the Far East. 

Cartier's Company

The company is in crisis, and after Pierre Cartier's death in 1965, it is no longer family owned and divided into three distinct businesses. Only untill the 1970s does Cartier Monde re-emerge under the direction of Robert Hocq and Joseph Kanoui. In 1974 they come up with the new concept “Les Must de Cartier” which opens Cartier to a young generation. In 1978 during the launch of "Santos de Cartier" we are introduced for the first time to a watch where gold and steel are combined to a design unit. Because of this the jewelry range of Cartier gains new strength.

Cartier is now one of the world's largest jewelry companies, selling exclusive perfumes, lighters, leather goods, and writing utensils in addition to watches and jewelry.

In 1988, the company acquires 60% of the Swiss watchmakers Baume & Mercier and Piaget. In 1993, the Vendôme Luxury Group is formed by the merger of several well-known luxury goods manufacturers
wich merges with the Richemont Group in 1997.

Cartier's Value

When it comes to fine watches, Cartier is a name that always commands respect. These timepieces are renowned for their exquisite design, flawless craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail. Cartier watches, perhaps most importantly, are known for holding their value over time. In other words, they have a high resale value.

Furthermore, many Cartier watches appreciate in value after purchase, making them an excellent investment for anyone who wants to buy a luxury watch.

If you're thinking about buying a Cartier watch, do your homework to get the best deal. You can find a Cartier watch that will not only last a lifetime but will also maintain its worth for many years with a minimal amount of effort.