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Bell & Ross is a French luxury watch brand that was founded in 1992. It is known for its high-quality timepieces inspired by aviation and military design, characterized by their clear and legible dials, precise movements, and rugged, durable construction.


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Our selection of Bell&Ross Watches

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Bell & Ross History

Bell & Ross is a French luxury watch brand that was founded in 1992 by a team of designers and watchmakers. The brand draws inspiration from aviation and military engineering, with its watches often featuring functional designs and robust materials. Bell & Ross is known for its distinctive square-shaped cases, which are reminiscent of the cockpit instruments found in aircraft. The brand's collections, such as the BR03 and BR05, offer a balance of functionality and elegance, with watches that are suitable for both professional and casual wear.  Bell & Ross has also collaborated with various aviation and military organizations to develop watches that meet specific requirements for performance and durability.

Bell & Ross Design

Bell & Ross watches are known for their functional design, often featuring large and easy-to-read dials, robust materials, and precision engineering. The brand's signature square-shaped cases, inspired by cockpit instruments, give the watches a distinctive look and feel. Bell & Ross offers a range of collections, such as the BR03 and BR05, which cater to different preferences and styles while maintaining the brand's commitment to functionality and performance.

Bell & Ross Company

Bell & Ross is headquartered in Paris, France, with production facilities in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The brand is committed to using high-quality materials and precision engineering to create watches that meet the requirements of professionals and enthusiasts alike. Bell & Ross also supports various aviation and military organizations through partnerships and collaborations, reflecting its commitment to innovation and performance. 

Bell & Ross Value

Bell & Ross watches are highly valued by collectors and enthusiasts for their functionality, precision, and distinctive design. The limited production of some of the brand's watches, along with their association with aviation and military engineering, contributes to their value and prestige in the luxury watch market. With their durable materials, precision engineering, and distinctive design, Bell & Ross watches are often considered a worthwhile investment for both everyday wear and special occasions.