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Sell your watch

In order to appraise your watch, we'll need some detailed information both on you (in order to get back to you after the appraisal) and on the watch itself. The more details you can provide us with, the faster we'll be able to make you an offer.

  • Please fill out the form below and click the 'submit' button in order to have your watch appraised.
  • Next, we will make you a preliminary offer.
  • If you agree on that, we will need you the send us your watch for a 3-4 days examining by our watchmaker.
  • Ultimately, we can confirm our final offer and make the trade in.....

We are working to get some problems with uploading forms fixed. If you're unable to send us your details through this form, please send us the details of your watch via Whatsapp on +32478747474

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How do I sell my watch?

To sell a watch, please fill out the appraisal form above completely. Once you submit it, it will be reviewed by our team of experts. Based on the information you submitted, they will tell you whether we would like to purchase it and at what price (subject to inspection) within the next couple of days. To move on with the sale, you will then be asked to send us the watch for inspection. After receiving it, our team of expert watchmakers will inspect it thoroughly. Following this standardised process, we will make you an offer with our final price within 24 hours (weekdays). To complete the sale, you simply have to accept our bid. At that moment, we will transfer you the money, thus closing the deal.

What happens to my watch after it has been submitted?

Once your watch is shipped to us, we will inform you about the arrival and the data will be registered in our system. First, the watch will be externally assessed, and then it will be examined in depth by certified watchmakers only. These watchmakers are authorised by manufacturers to analyse watches of any type. This ensures that no damage to the product can take place. After this has been completed, we will inform you of our offer by email or by phone. Then you can decide whether you want to accept this offer or if you wish for the watch to be returned to you.

When do I receive my money?

When selling directly to Timepiece Bank, we will transfer the money to you immediately after you have confirmed our offer. Depending on your bank, the transfer may take up to 5 working days (usually 1-2).

What can I sell to Timepiece Bank?

We buy luxury watches of all kinds. We are not specialised in a specific brand or manufacturer. On the contrary: we are proud to offer a wide variety of different models and brands. Just ask for an appraisal and we will let you know if a sale is possible and at what price (subject to inspection).

What are the benefits of selling to Timepiece Bank?

At TimePieceBank you benefit from numerous advantages thanks to our full- service approach. You receive an estimation of the value immediately, and we establish the final price of your watch, all free of charge. We calculate the prices of watches at a fair market value by accessing a wide range of comparable offers, and standardise the entire evaluation process to ensure the best possible pricing - a service you will not find anywhere else. You only have to provide us with the watch - we'll do the rest!

How long does it take to process a sale request using the form?

You will receive an answer from us in the next couple of days of making an enquiry - either by email or phone. If further information is required, we will let you know. If you then decide to ship your watch to us, we will respond to you in the next couple of days after having received your watch to tell you the final price.

Who processes my enquiry?

Your enquiries will be assessed exclusively by our experts. These are qualified watchmakers, goldsmiths and our trained service team. Every member of the team is well versed in watches and works according to standardised processes to handle your request properly and to always provide you with a fair market value for your watch.

Which documents are required when I send in my watch?

No specific documents are required, however, all documents can add value to your watch! Therefore, please add all documents you can provide (purchase contract, warranty card, invoices for inspections or repairs) in order to increase the value to its maximum. The submission of the original box helps to increase the value of your watch as well.

Who checks the watch? Who are the watchmakers?

All watches are checked by certified watchmakers only. These watchmakers are authorised by manufacturers to analyse watches of any type.

How does Timepiece Bank ensure that the watch is not damaged during the checking process and that no documents are lost?

Once your watch is shipped to us, the receipt is registered in our system and you are informed about this. The opening of the package is monitored, so that the contents of the package can be documented. In addition, all components of the package are recorded in our system. Thanks to this initial record, we guarantee that there will be no loss of any item in the package. Subsequently,
the watch will be at first externally assessed, then it will be examined in depth by certified watchmakers only. These watchmakers are authorised by manufacturers to analyse watches of any type. This ensures that no damage to the product can take place.

Is a contract created when I fill out the selling form or submit the watch?

No! In both cases, no contract is created. Only if you accept our final offer, are you obliged to sell the watch.

What happens if I decide not to accept Timepiece Bank's offer?

If you decide not to accept the offer, just let us know and your watch will be sent back to your address immediately.

What do I do if I decide not to sell my watch after all?

If you have only completed the selling form and received an initial estimate, you don't have to take care of anything! If you have already sent your watch but you decide not to sell it, just let us know before confirming our offer. You will then be able to retrieve your goods without penalties, since no binding contract is concluded.

After I agree to sell my watch – can I withdraw from the decision?

If you choose to sell your watch by accepting our final offer, you are bound to that decision. TimePieceBank cannot cancel selling agreements.

You were not able to find the answer to your question here?

Contact us directly by sending an email to Your enquiry will be answered as soon as possible.

How do I find out how much my watch is worth?

To receive a free appraisal of your watch, simply fill out the form on our website. In this form, you only need to provide us with basic information like age, whether or not you have the box and guarantee certificate and so on. After submitting the form, our experts will receive your data and use it to provide you with a first appraisal of your watch's worth within the next couple of days.

Why do I have to upload a picture of my watch?

We need a picture of your watch to give an appraisal that is as precise as possible. The reference number alone doesn't contain all details (for example dial color), and thus we need a picture of the watch face to give you an estimate that is as precise as possible.