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What is a Complication watch?

What is a Complication watch?

If a mechanical watch offers more functions than just the time (hours, minutes, seconds), then it is considered a 'complicated' timepiece. Each 'extra' function next to hours and minutes is then called a complication.

Some of the more known complications are:

The Moonphase.

The Moonphase complication on a watch is a fascinating feature that provides a visual representation of the moon's current phase within its lunar cycle. It adds a touch of celestial beauty to the timepiece, allowing the wearer to stay connected with the cosmic rhythm. With its intricate design and precision, this function brings an element of elegance and sophistication to the watch, appealing to those with an appreciation for both horology and astronomy.

Perpetual Calendar

The Perpetual Calendar complication is a remarkable feature that automatically adjusts the calendar on the watch to account for variations in month lengths and leap years. It ensures accurate tracking of dates, even in the most complex calendar systems. With this complication, there is no need for manual adjustments at the end of each month or during leap years, as the watch seamlessly handles these calculations. This intricate and practical function appeals to those who value precision and convenience in their timekeeping experience.


The Flyback complication on a watch is an ingenious feature that enables the chronograph to reset and restart with a single push of the button. This functionality eliminates the need for multiple button presses, making it convenient and efficient for timing intervals or consecutive events. The Flyback complication is particularly useful in scenarios where split-second accuracy is essential, such as timing laps in motorsports or tracking multiple events in a race. Its seamless operation and streamlined design make it a sought-after feature for watch enthusiasts seeking both precision and ease of use.


The Date complication on a watch provides a straightforward and practical function by displaying the current date. With this feature, wearers can easily keep track of the day of the month without the need for additional calendars or devices. The Date complication adds a useful dimension to the timepiece, catering to individuals who value both style and functionality in their daily lives. Whether for personal organization or professional scheduling, having the date readily accessible on the watch ensures convenience and efficiency throughout the day.


The Alarm complication on a watch offers a dedicated alarm function, complete with an alarm hand. This feature allows users to set specific times for the watch to emit an audible alert or vibration, serving as a helpful reminder or wake-up call. With the inclusion of an alarm hand, the watch can display the set alarm time separately from the regular timekeeping hands, enhancing visibility and ensuring easy monitoring. Whether used for time management, scheduling, or waking up in the morning, the Alarm complication adds a practical and customizable element to the watch, making it a versatile accessory for individuals with varying needs and preferences.


For Example this 50's President Cricket with reference 110651.286LF

Power Reserve

The Power Reserve complication signifies that the watch is equipped with a power reserve indicator. This feature provides valuable information about the remaining energy or battery life of the timepiece. It allows wearers to monitor and manage the power level, ensuring that the watch is adequately wound or charged to maintain accurate timekeeping. With a power reserve indicator, users can have confidence in the watch's performance and avoid unexpected interruptions. This functionality is particularly useful for mechanical or automatic watches that rely on manual winding or kinetic energy. The inclusion of a power reserve indicator adds both practicality and convenience to the watch, appealing to individuals who appreciate the interplay between horological mechanics and functionality. In this example the power reserve is shown on the front of the dial.