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Watch functions explained: Moonphase Dials

Moonphase dials

A watch with a moonphase indicator shows you the current phase of the moon as you see it in the sky. As the moon passes across the sky, so too does the little moon on your dial. Moonphase complications are often featured on perpetual-calendar watches. The connection between the phases of the moon and the progression of the months is inextricable, though the mechanisms that drive the two complications are completely separate.

Moonphase Dials


There are two sorts of moonphase dials. The first is as we call it a ‘bosom’ moonphase, because of its shape, the second sort is the ‘radial’ moonphase with an indicator hand. Among all luxury watches with moonphase complication the ‘bosom’ style is the most common.


The choice of materials used for the moonphase complication is very important. Why? Usually it’s the complication that uses the most of space on the dial. So it will always be an eyecatcher. Luxury brands like A. Lange & Söhne and Vacheron Constantin offer moonphase timepieces with solid gold discs. Patek Philippe uses sapphire as disc material and a gold surface layer.
Omega & IWC offer moonphase watches with aventurine glass (“Goldstone”). It creates a background luster and gleam the true night sky.

Take a look at our moonphase watches below.

Watches with a Moonphase function