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Watch Design: The Lunette

Watch Design: The Lunette

A watch's lunette, commonly referred to as the bezel, is a vital yet often overlooked component that encases the watch glass. This metal or plastic frame serves multiple functions, with some watches featuring a rotatable ring around the glass. In many cases, this ring is bi-directional, offering the convenience of clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, while in others, it is designed to move in just one direction, typically counterclockwise.


The bezel's versatility extends to its utility, as it plays a pivotal role in various aspects of timekeeping. For instance, it can indicate a different time zone, aid in calculations, or assist with measurements. Dive watches, a popular choice among water enthusiasts, are commonly equipped with a rotating bezel that enables the easy tracking of remaining dive time. To ensure safety during underwater excursions, these dive watches are thoughtfully engineered with bezels that only rotate counterclockwise, preventing accidental extensions of your dive time.

In summary, the bezel on a watch is more than just a decorative frame; it's a practical feature that enhances functionality and safety, making it a crucial consideration when choosing a timepiece. Whether you're a globetrotter in need of a second time zone or a diver exploring the depths of the ocean, the bezel's ability to serve as a helpful tool is not to be underestimated. Check out our curated selection of watches to find the perfect one for your unique preferences and requirements.