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Trending Watch Design: Diamond Watches

Watches and diamonds

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. But not only women wear diamonds as some watch brands love to put those precious stones into some of their models. And because a watch is the most important piece of jewelry for a man, some men wear diamonds too.

Diamond Watches

There are many watch companies that claim to have been the first to put diamonds into their watches. We will never know exactly who was first to combine watches with diamonds, but we do know that diamonds sell well. Watch companies all over the world have to jump in the diamond watch train or lose out on sales.
You have to be careful not to buy poor quality diamonds. If you’d buy a diamond watch from a renowned watch company, you don’t have to worry. Companies like Chopard, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Girard Perregaux, Piaget etc. are known to have high quality diamonds used in their watches but there is a price to pay. The choosing of the diamonds and the setting on the watch are 2 important factors when it comes to diamond watches and the production cost is high.

Diamond watches: Investment or not?

No matter how much you actually paid for your diamond watch, it isn’t the best investment. Unlike a diamond ring, which has usually a beautiful single stone, the diamonds of a diamond watch have little value apart from a watch as a whole. They usually have no function apart from making the watch sparkle and shine. Diamonds on a watch makes a statement on the wrist of the person who wears it. It would probably cost more to take all diamonds off the watch than they would be worth on a resale market. However, if you’re willing to buy a high quality diamond watch from a prestige brand, the marriage between their high quality diamonds and fine watchmaking will amaze you.

201 – carat Chopard Watch
A 201 – carat Chopard Watch with a price tag of 25 Million dollars. 
The Hublot $5 million
The Hublot 5 million costs 5 Million dollars. It took 17 persons and 14 months to design and create this piece of art. 
Cartier Secret Watch
The Cartier Secret Watch is worth 2,755,000 Million dollars. The watch consists of more than 3000 diamonds and is made of white gold. 
Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillion Watch
The Ulysse Nardin 'Royal Blue' Tourbiillon watch costs 1.1 Million dollars. The watch has 568 diamonds and 234 blue sapphires.
Hublot Black Caviar Bang
The Hublot 'Black Caviar Bang' has a price tag of 1 Million dollars. Made of white gold and 500 diamonds. 

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