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Trending Watch Design: Diamond Watches

Trending Watch Design: Diamond Watches

The allure of diamonds extends beyond the confines of jewelry, finding its way into the intricate world of watches. While diamonds have long been cherished as a symbol of elegance and luxury, their integration into timepieces has blurred the lines between accessories for men and women alike. As the saying goes, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," yet in the realm of horology, both genders appreciate the exquisite fusion of diamonds and watchmaking craftsmanship.

The fusion of diamonds and watches has become a captivating trend among various watchmakers, each vying for prominence in this dazzling arena. Though the origins of the diamond-studded timepiece remain shrouded in history, the allure of diamonds has undoubtedly bolstered sales for watch companies globally. Renowned watchmakers such as Chopard, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Girard Perregaux, and Piaget have elevated the standard of diamond watches, using high-quality stones meticulously set into their timepieces. However, the opulence comes at a cost, with the selection and setting of these precious stones contributing significantly to the production expense of diamond-adorned watches.

While a diamond watch exudes opulence and makes a powerful statement on the wrist, its value as an investment differs from that of traditional diamond jewelry. Unlike standalone diamond rings, the value of the stones adorning a watch is predominantly linked to the watch itself, offering little intrinsic value outside of the timepiece. Despite their sparkle, the diamonds on a watch primarily serve an aesthetic purpose, adding shimmer rather than tangible value. Yet, for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury, a high-quality diamond watch from a prestigious brand promises an exquisite marriage of superior diamonds and fine watchmaking, captivating aficionados with its unparalleled craftsmanship and sophistication. Below you can find some exclusive examples of such watches.


A 201 – carat Chopard Watch with a price tag of 25 Million dollars.


The Hublot 5 million costs 5 Million dollars. It took 17 people and 14 months to design and create this piece of art. 


The Cartier Secret Watch is worth 2,755,000 Million dollars. The watch consists of more than 3000 diamonds and is made of white gold.