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Trending in the Watch Industry: Limited edition watches

Limited editions

Do you know the feeling when you bought a watch and it turns out to be a limited edition? You get a sense of uniqueness, especially when you know that there are only a few made worldwide. There are many limited editions outta there but a limited edition watch remains a limited edition. It means that it will never be produced again.
Limited edition watches
Before we go any further, you have to know that there is a big difference between a rare watch and a limited edition watch. Although the boundary between these two concepts is narrow, there is still a proper distinction. Rare watches can be limited editions but not all limited editions are rare and the value of a timepiece will only incline if that timepiece becomes rare.

Marketing game

There are many reasons to produce limited editions; an important happening, a tribute to something or someone, a big change of the watch itself etc. But it can also be a great form of marketing as it will certainly draw attention. The last few years, limited edition watches have become some sort of a marketing game. Limited editions were not often made. Brands would produce them once in a while as a dedication to something. But what is clear is that limited editions will finally become rare and some even will increase in value, you will just have to wait a couple of years.