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Trending Case Material in the Watch Industry: Ceramic Watches

What is the advantage of buying ceramic watches? Or watches with a ceramic bezel? Well, it’s common known that most watch companies are experimenting with watch materials these days. From stainless steel to pink gold and from titanium to ceramic. Ceramic is a unique material and can be used in de case, bracelet and the bezel of the watch.

Ceramic Watches

What is ceramic?

The ceramic material that is used in a watch is not the typical ceramic as we know it. Ceramic is a high-tech material that is inorganic, nonmetallic and very solid. Some brands combine ceramic powder with other different alloys to make a unique version of the material. So which watch companies use ceramic in their watches?

After years of research and combining ceramic with other alloys, Hublot gave their ceramic material a unique name, ‘cermet’. The first price for strongest gold – Magic Gold – is also for Hublot. The brand combined ceramic with 75% precious gold. But why is the gold so strong? The molten gold is poured into the ceramic under extremely high pressure so all cavities are filled. Another important brand is Rolex. Their GMT Master ‘Batman’ with Black/Blue bezel is made of ceramic. Rolex is the only brand which can produce two-toned bezels and of course they patented the process.

Pros of ceramics

  • Scratch resistant: Ceramic is one of the hardest class materials. It is so tough that it becomes difficult to scratch.
  • The color doesn’t fade by the sun as it is unaffected by its ultraviolet rays.
  • It can withstand chemical erosion.
  • Ceramic is also anti-magnetic.
  • It is light weight.
  • Ceramic is a hypoallergenic material.

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