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Three Different Moon Phase Watches

Three Different Moon Phase Watches

Complications are an interesting topic. Overall, the date function is the most used complication, with many variations on the complexity. A GMT gets used on a daily basis by globetrotters to track the time at home while traveling through different time zones. Chronographs? Sure, let me check when my pasta is al dente.

Moon Phases are a different breed. The moon phase displays the earth’s view of the part of the moon that is lit by the sun. This is usually displayed by a rotating disc with different positions of the moon, either printed or painted. The disc turns, displaying a different view of the lunar cycle to observe.  

The moon phase is one of the earliest known complications. While it certainly was useful back in the day, the function became obsolete over the years. Yet, the moon phase still is a popular complication. Why you ask? Because it looks good. A hand painted rotating disc with different positions of the moon, can be a beautiful sight on an otherwise boring dial. 

Today, we are going to look into three different watches with moon phases.

Meistersinger Lunascope

The Meistersinger Lunascope is an excellent example of why moon phase watches are so popular: they look amazing. The oversized moon and skylight grab all the attention, making the watch a hypnotizing work of art.


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IWC Da Vinci Automatic

With its case of 36mm, the IWC Da Vinci Moonphase is marketed as a ladies watch.  Be it as it may, we think it can fit any smaller wrist, Ladies or Gents.

The moonphase sits nicely on top at the 12 o'clock position.  This is different than most models who would place the moon at the six o'clock position, but it works perfectly on this IWC.  The disc itself is a deep navy blue disc with painted silver stars and moon.  IWC has done an excellent job here according to us.


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Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Moonphase

A sportier approach is the Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion. The skeletonized movement and visible date discs give this watch an interesting and rather busy dial. The moon phase is once again a welcome addition to sooth the busy dial. 


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