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Swiss Made: siginificance and importance in the Watch industry

Swiss Made: siginificance and importance in the Watch industry

When it comes to watches from Switzerland, one often comes across the esteemed label "Swiss Made" adorning the bottom of the dial. This globally recognized insignia is synonymous with exceptional quality, representing the meticulous craftsmanship that Swiss watchmakers have diligently cultivated over the years, and continue to do so.


The watch industry in Switzerland faced increasing competition as high-quality timepieces emerged from various regions worldwide. In response, during the early 1970s, Swiss authorities made a significant decision to safeguard the "Swiss Made" label. The Ordinance of December 23, 1971, which was subsequently modified on May 27, 1992, outlined strict criteria that a watch must meet in order to be eligible for the Swiss Made designation. This legal framework ensures that only watches adhering to minimum requirements can proudly bear the esteemed insignia. Recognizing the need for constant improvement and maintaining the credibility of the label, the legislation has recently undergone further enhancements.


The tightening of the law surrounding Swiss Made watches underscores the commitment to upholding the exceptional standards associated with Swiss timepieces. These revisions ensure that the label retains its prestigious reputation and serves as a guarantee of superior craftsmanship and quality. By enforcing more rigorous guidelines, Swiss watchmakers aim to maintain their competitive edge in the global market, providing customers with unparalleled assurance when investing in a Swiss Made timepiece. As a result, those who appreciate fine watches can continue to rely on the label as a mark of excellence and a testament to the rich heritage and artistry that define Swiss watchmaking.