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Pre-Owned watches Explained

Pre-Owned watches:

It’s important to know that second hand watches can be divided into two categories, recent watch models and the vintage watches.

There is a huge market for second hand watches and there will always be one. The explanation is quite simple. We’ll give you a few reasons to buy second hands watches.

Pre-Owned watches
Reasons to buy a pre-owned watch:

  • You pay a lot less for a pre-owned watch than a new one. A brand new watch can be an expensive investment, especially if it’s the first time you’d buy a luxury timepiece. Therefore buying a used model can reduce the outlay significantly.
  • The increased selection. With a pre-owned watch the buyer isn’t limited to the current collection in the store. The choices for second hand watches are endless and it makes shopping for your perfect piece a little easier.
  • The best pre-owned watches to buy are not trendy. On the contrary, they are timeless and classic. An older model of a classic piece may look very similar to the current model and the price is a lot less than the original one.
  • Some watch models even gain value after a long time. And there are some reasons for this. The watch model may be discontinued which makes it rarer and a new technology added to a new model makes the previous model a collector’s item. 

We selected our top pre-owned watches for you. Take a look below.