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Modern Rolex Nicknames you NEED to know

Modern Rolex Nicknames you NEED to know

Reference numbers are boring and long. If you ever meet someone who says ‘Hey, check out my new’ instead of ‘Hey, check out my new Omega‘, run away from them. No one likes a show off.

Because a brand like Rolex has had about a gazillion different variations of Submariners and GMT-Masters over the years, people came up with nicknames to make it more easy to talk about a certain model. Below, you will find the most important and most used nicknames for modern Submariners and GMT-Masters. Did you already know them all?

Pepsi (BLRO)

The Pepsi has to the first one on the list without a doubt. The Pepsi might be one of the most famous & recognizable Rolex models ever made. They were a huge hit in 1955 when they came out, and they are just as popular today.

The Pepsi has had many different evolutions and reference numbers over the years, but they always have one thing in common, the letters BLRO at the end. BLRO stands for Bleu-Rouge, what means blue-red (the colors of the bezel) in French.

Next to the latest stainless steel version, there is also is a white gold model with blue dial, black dial and meteorite dial.


Batman (BLNR)

If you have only watched the most recent Batman movies, this name won’t make any sense to you. The nickname Batman represents the blue& black color combination on the bezel, while modern Batman wears a black suit with a gold belt. The name is linked to the Batman from the comics, where he wore a black/grey suit with a blue cape.

The original Batman (ref 116710BLNR) was introduced in 2013 and discontinued in 2018. The next year, successor 126710BLNR was introduced. The new model had roughly the same design with some small updates and a Jubilee bracelet. Some call it the Batgirl, others cringe heavily at that name.


Kermit-Hulk-Cermit (Or Starbucks)

These are the 3 generations of the Submariner LV series. Not LV as in Louis Vuitton, but as in lunette vert, translating to green bezel in French.

The original Kermit (ref 16610LV) was the first Submariner with a green bezel, released for the 50th anniversary of the Submariner in 2003. The bezel was made from aluminum.

The Hulk came later, and wore the reference number 116610LV. This Submariner had a ceramic bezel, sunburst green dial (compared to the black dial of the Kermit) and much beefier case. The Hulk was introduced in 2010 discontinued in 2020.

The Cermit (Ceramic Kermit, get it?) or Starbucks (because the watch looks like the Starbucks logo) is a mix of both watches. It was released in 2020, and carries features of both the Kermit and the Hulk: a green ceramic bezel but with a black dial.


Smurf (LB)

The Smurf might have guessed it.. Blue. The first Smurf (116619LB) is known for its white gold case and bracelet, and its blue dial and blue ceramic bezel. Fans have been begging for a blue Submariner with steel case for years, but Rolex keeps this color for precious metals. The fans got some hope in 2020 when a blue bezel-black dial Submariner render was leaked. Could it happen, a steel& blue Submariner? At the release, it quickly became clear that the new model, the 126619LB, also had a full white gold case and bracelet. Looks like the fans need to have a bit more patience.

Root Beer (CHNR)

The Root Beer has been around for a long time, and came back not so long ago. This model has also had quite a lot of different variations since its release in the sixties, but all of the reference numbersended with CHNR: Chocolat-Noir.

The Root Beer always has a brown& black color combination on the bezel of a GMT-master. It was first introduced in the sixties, and was re-introduced in 2018 on the two tone 126711CHNR and rose gold 126715CHNR.



The Coke has been out of production for years, so it’s technically not a ‘modern’ Rolex. Fans have been rooting for the return with a ceramic bezel for years. A ‘Coke’ is the nickname for a GMT Master with red and black bezel. Current available colors are red& blue, blue& black and brown& black. There is a good chance that Rolex will bring back the famous red& black combination on a future GMT master.



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