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Green Watch Dials Under €2.500

Green Watch Dials Under €2.500

Green watches are hot. While blue has been the go-to color for watches for many years, the color green has grabbed much attention lately. Green seems to be the next ‘hype-color’.

However, supply is still relatively limited. Not many brands are already up to date with their current collection. Few green dials and bezels are available, and supply is usually limited. Don’t believe me? Good luck trying to get a Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 green dial, Rolex Submariner 126610LV Starbucks or Oyster Perpetual 124300 Green dial at retail. You can expect to pay a multiple of the retail price if you are looking to purchase said pieces. Want to buy a Tudor Black Bay Green bezel Harrods edition at retail? These have a waitlist too and can only be bought in Harrods in London. Good luck travelling halfway across the world mid-Covid when you get the call that your watch has arrived.

Today, we are going to focus on 2 watches with green dials or green details that won’t make you break the bank. 

Meistersinger Salthora Meta

Meistersinger is a truly interesting and unique brand. Their one-handed design makes their watches extremely recognizable and iconic without being crazy expensive. This Salthora Meta has a green dial, stainless steel case and a crocodile leather strap. The single hand makes sure the hypnotizing sunburst dial gets all the attention and credit it deserves.

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Bell & Ross Green Camo

Bell & Ross is another brand that really nailed finding a unique design and claiming it. Love them or hate them, you can spot the square case of a Bell & Ross from a mile away. The brand really knows how to show their love for aeronautical design and play it to their advantage.  

The Bell & Ross BR S Green Camo is designed for professionals that require a lifetime of accurate timekeeping. The camo dial gives it a playful but serious feeling. The watch has a 39mm stainless steel square case, a quartz movement, camo dial and green leather strap. 

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