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Focus on Watch brand: The History of Anonimo

Focus on Watch brand: The History of Anonimo

Anonimo is a relatively young watch brand with an interesting history. It was founded in Florence and consists of the legacy of Panerai and its former suppliers. When Panerai was bought by the current Richemont Group, they moved to Switzerland and several people and machinery were left behind in Florence. Federico Massacesi, former business partner of the fashion company Salvatore Ferragamo, grabbed his chance and founded the Anonimo brand in 1997. Taking advantage of all the know-how Panerai had left behind. In fact, former Panerai boss and naval officer Dino Zei joined the Anonimo brand.

the history of anonimo

Anonimo profiled itself with sturdy watches based on the nautical world. The watches are milled from solid blocks of metal and using the same bronze that is also used in shipbuilding. The focus of the collection was mainly on the in-house produced casts, therefore the dials carry the proud inscription Handcrafted in Firenze. However, around 2010 it became quiet around Anonimo and the Florentine brand seemed to be going down due to the financial crisis and internal problems. Until 2013. News came that the brand had been bought by a group of private investors and was preparing for a comeback. Anonimo became Anonimo SA. The brand has narrowed its collection down to two lines: Militare Classic and Nautilo. Striking but also modest creations which represent a recognizable signature. Indeed, an oblique eye has been taken at stepbrother Panerai - one series with mechanical crown protector and one without - but the interpretation is clearly different. Another agreement: Handcrafted in Firenze has now made way for Swiss Made on the Anonimo dial. Because this former Florentine company has also established its headquarters in the Mecca of the watch industry. Reason? Proximity to watch know-how, taxation, the quality image of "Swiss Made”,… you name it.

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