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Focus on Watch brand: Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer

Accurate speed measurement in ever greater detail was always Tag Heuer's spirit. The brand has also established a large number of technical milestones, such as the first automatic chronograph caliber with a micro motor (built in 1969 together with Hamilton-Büren, Breitling and Dubois Dépraz). A more recent development is the fascinating V4 movement with string transmission, in honor of the 150th anniversary of the brand. At the same time, Tag Heuer released her first chronograph with a self-timer, caliber 1887, based on Seiko's existing chronograph watch.

Some of the components are manufactured in Switzerland by the company itself and the assembly takes place entirely in-house. Recently, Tag Heuer has expanded its production capacity to meet the strong and growing demand and to protect its independence. Its facilities are also available to sister brands Zenith and Hublot, who are also part of the LVMH Group. Tag Heuer continues to break world-speed records for mechanical escapements. In 2005, the caliber 360 consisted of a standard watch and a chronograph mechanism which has 360.000 vibrations per hour (50Hz) and was capable of measuring hundreds of seconds.

Tag Heuer

3 facts about Tag Heuer :

  • Tag Heuer began as a specialist in sports timing thanks to its technical innovations. During the 1920’s, the brand timed the Olympics in Antwerp, Paris and Amsterdam.
  • This special brand was so innovative in timing that they produced and assembled a stopwatch that could measure time to 1/100th of a second.
  • The first Swiss watch in space was a Tag Heuer in contrast to Omega which was the first company to have a watch on the moon.

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