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Focus on Watch brand: Tag Heuer

Focus on Watch brand: Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer's history is punctuated by an unwavering commitment to precise time measurement at increasingly granular levels. The brand has left an indelible mark in horology, achieving numerous technical milestones, including the creation of the first automatic chronograph caliber with a micro motor in partnership with Hamilton-Büren, Breitling, and Dubois Dépraz in 1969. A more recent testament to Tag Heuer's innovation is the mesmerizing V4 movement with a belt-driven transmission, unveiled in celebration of the brand's 150th anniversary. Simultaneously, Tag Heuer introduced its inaugural self-winding chronograph with the caliber 1887, a significant achievement that drew inspiration from Seiko's existing chronograph technology.


Tag Heuer's dedication to precision extends to its production processes. The company manufactures many components in Switzerland and handles assembly entirely in-house. In response to strong and growing demand and a desire to maintain independence, Tag Heuer has recently expanded its production capacity. Notably, Tag Heuer's facilities also support sister brands Zenith and Hublot, both of which belong to the LVMH Group. The brand's legacy includes record-breaking feats in mechanical escapements, with the caliber 360, capable of an astonishing 360,000 vibrations per hour (50Hz) and precision in measuring hundredths of seconds, making a profound impact in the world of horology.


Tag Heuer's legacy goes beyond watchmaking, with a rich history in sports timing. During the 1920s, the brand was entrusted with timing the Olympic Games in Antwerp, Paris, and Amsterdam, solidifying its reputation as a technical innovator in the field. Tag Heuer's innovative spirit was so profound that it designed and assembled stopwatches capable of measuring time to an astounding 1/100th of a second. Furthermore, the brand achieved a significant milestone in space exploration by delivering the first Swiss watch into space, setting it apart from Omega, which was renowned for its role as the first company to have a watch on the moon. Explore our selection of Tag Heuer watches below to witness the embodiment of precision and innovation

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