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Focus on Watch brand: Oris

Focus on Watch brand: Oris

Nestled in the town of Hölstein in northwestern Switzerland, not far from the watchmaking epicenter of Basel, Oris has been a stalwart in the world of mechanical watchmaking since 1904. Their enduring appeal can be attributed to a steadfast commitment to the dual pillars of affordability and uncompromising quality. Where some prominent names in the industry ventured into the stratosphere of luxury, Oris stayed rooted, offering timepieces that resonate with an international audience. The brand's diverse portfolio encompasses four distinct product segments, namely Aviation, Sports, Diving, and Culture.

Oris' success story is intricately woven into their ability to provide timepieces that are both finely attuned to specific fields and underpinned by cutting-edge technology. Their aviation, sports, diving, and cultural collections are crafted with precision, featuring specialized materials like tungsten bezels and tailored functionalities. However, beneath the distinctive exteriors lies the heart of each Oris timepiece—a compact, high-quality, and technologically advanced movement, distinguished by the signature red rotor that signifies the brand's commitment to innovation.


Oris Caliber 110.

In a testament to their dedication to horological excellence, Oris marked its 110th anniversary in 2014 by unveiling the caliber 110, a manually wound movement that showcased technical prowess and efficiency. Subsequent years saw the introduction of caliber 111 and a groundbreaking collaboration with the technical academy at Le Locle, resulting in a colossal 1.8-meter spring barrel. These remarkable timepieces feature an impressive ten-day power reserve, indicated on the dial's right side. The power reserve indicator's subtle variations toward the end provide a nuanced depiction of the remaining energy. In 2016, Oris further expanded its in-house caliber portfolio, introducing a GMT complication in the elegant Artelier collection. Discover the legacy of precision and innovation in our curated selection of Oris watches below.