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Focus on Watch brand: Omega


Despite the competition within the swatch group, the brand can still maintain itself well as the group's flagship, as well as a timepiece for some of James Bond's last incarnations, and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games.


Omega, originally formed in 1848, played also an important role in the history of the Swiss watch industry. In 1930, it merged with Tissot to SIHH, which in turn fused to the Swatch Group with watch conglomerate ASUAG in 1983, with Omega as a top brand.
In the 1990s, the brand gradually gained a place in the Chinese market and gained solid ground in Asia. This also led to an explosive growth in production figures, bringing Omega to the same level with Rolex. In the meantime, Omega is again in the forefront of the race, with technology as a key. Omega has introduced the innovative coaxial escapement into various collections putting the brand in its segment again at a technological top position. In July 2013, Omega officially revealed its new anti-magnetic watch to 15,000 Gauss, which in the coming years will take place in more and more models of the brand.

According to their promise, Omega presented 6 new "Master Chronometer" watches at Baselworld 2016. They all comply with the strict standards of the COSC, but also with the strict tests of the Swiss Federal Metrological Institute (METAS).

After years of enjoying the benefits of decentralization, Omega now seems to return to the old manufacturing concept of all production fields under one roof.

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