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Focus on Watch brand: Frederique Constant

The company Frédérique Constant was born from a passion for mechanical watches.

Frederique Constant

The Dutch founder Peter C. Stas and his wife Aletta Bax started the successful manufacture in 1988. The name of the company is a combination of the names of the great-grandparents of Peter Stas; Frédérique Schreiner (1881-1969) and Constant Stas (1880-1967). Frédérique Constant has been a factory since the introduction of the ‘Heart Beat Manufacture’ line in 2004, they develop and make the timepieces for this line entirely in-house. In 2009 the second line with a second factory caliber (the FC-700) was introduced with the Frédérique Constant Maxime Manufacture Automatic. Even though it is a brand with a short but fascinating history and with traditional qualities, Frédérique Constant focuses primarily on the future. And thanks to the excellent price / quality ratio, the watches are accessible to a relatively large audience. Only few Swiss brands are able to offer high quality at a relatively low price. As a result, the brand takes a unique position on the contemporary watch market.