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Celebs And Their Watches, part 2

Celebs And Their Watches, part 2

The allure of celebrity lifestyles captivates the imagination of many, as people are inspired by their actions and fashion choices. Watches, in particular, hold a special fascination, as when a celebrity is spotted wearing a specific timepiece, its demand skyrockets. Social media platforms play a significant role in fueling this trend, allowing fans to follow their favorite celebrities closely and receive multiple daily updates and photos from their lives. Consequently, watch brands recognize the power of celebrity endorsements and strive to have brand ambassadors sporting their watches.


David Beckham and Lady Gaga during the #BornToDare campaign

Tudor, the renowned watch brand, has enlisted the star power of David Beckham and Lady Gaga as its brand ambassadors. Beckham, who has been associated with Tudor since 2017, played a pivotal role in launching the captivating "Born To Dare" campaign. Prior to that, he served as an ambassador for Breitling starting in 2012, further solidifying his status as a watch aficionado. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga made her mark in 2017 as Tudor's first female ambassador, adding a touch of elegance and individuality to the brand.


Omega, synonymous with the iconic character James Bond, found the perfect representative in actor Daniel Craig. Throughout his entire Bond career, Craig has sported Omega watches, becoming synonymous with the brand's timeless sophistication. While James Bond originally wore Rolex timepieces, Craig's association with Omega has brought a contemporary allure to the renowned spy's wrist.


Rafael Nadal wearing he's RM27-01.

Richard Mille, known for their innovative and avant-garde approach to watchmaking, found a fitting partner in tennis superstar Rafael Nadal. Collaborating closely, Richard Mille and Nadal have developed four extraordinary timepieces bearing the athlete's name. These watches feature a tourbillon, a delicate and intricate complication typically vulnerable to shocks. However, designed to withstand extreme shocks up to 10,000G's, they are specifically crafted to endure the rigors of Nadal's intense tennis matches. The lightest model, the RM27-01, weighs a mere 18.83 grams, including the strap, showcasing the remarkable fusion of lightweight construction and durability.


John Mayer (right)  during the show "Talking Watches"  hosted by Ben Clymer (left)

Musician John Mayer stands out as a notable watch enthusiast, with his collection estimated to be worth millions of dollars. As a passionate collector of both new and vintage watches, Mayer's taste leans towards exclusive and rare timepieces. His passion for horology was showcased in Hodinkee's "Talking Watches," where he unveiled a small portion of his remarkable collection, delighting fellow watch enthusiasts with his eclectic choices and discerning eye for craftsmanship.

The influence of celebrities in the world of watches continues to captivate both enthusiasts and casual observers, shaping trends and amplifying the desirability of specific timepieces.