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Celebs And Their Watches

Celebs And Their Watches

Celebrities and their watches

We have to be honest; the life of celebs is an interesting one. It’s a lifestyle that is sought after by many. They rTageceive huge amounts of money for each movie, album etc. and have millions of fans around the globe. Many fans are influenced by their idol so most of the celebs are walking billboards.

Any brand that strikes a celebrity to wear their ‘goods’ can expect an increase in sales. Not only clothing companies but also high-end watch brands use celebs as important marketing. Some celebrities are even made ambassadors of a brand. The more a celebrity wears an item, the higher the demands as people want to ‘replicate’ that. With that in mind, watch brands see the perfect opportunity to get their watches on the wrists of the rich and famous.

Who’s wearing what?

Many of the top famous people like celebrity-actors, athletes, entertainers, politicians – are ‘supported’ by luxury watch brands, putting their watch in front of millions of eyes each time they wear it. So the interesting factor here is when those famous people are wearing a watch. Is it just for going to the grocery store or during their professional time? Whatever or whenever they wear it, fans will notice. Below you'll see some famous wrists:

Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing his Audemars Piguet - Royal Oak Offshore

Mark Wahlberg wearing his favourite Rolex. The gold Yacht-Master II is one of his Rolex collection.

Ed Sheeran with his beautiful Patek Philippe - Nautilus Automatic GMT Moonphase (5726A-001)

Jason Statham and his favourite brand 'Panerai'. Wearing the brand in the movie 'Transporter' and 'The expandables'.