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Cars & Watches: Race watches

Cars & Watches: Race watches

In the world of horology, three distinct categories stand out: 'Aviation watches,' 'Diving watches,' and 'Race watches.' While we've previously delved into aviation and diving timepieces, it's now time to explore the third and equally significant category – race watches. The connection between the art of watchmaking and the thrilling world of car racing is undeniably strong, giving rise to timepieces that capture the essence of speed and precision.

The synergy between watchmaking and motorsport has yielded iconic race watches, with inspirations drawn from legendary cars and their fearless drivers. Examples like the Rolex 'Daytona' and the Tag Heuer 'Carrera' exemplify the fusion of two worlds. Watch manufacturers, whether prominent or boutique, have crafted unique and captivating timepieces deeply rooted in the automotive industry. Some draw inspiration from vintage automobiles, evoking nostalgia, while others are influenced by modern racing machines, embracing the latest technology and aesthetics. Race watches encompass a diverse spectrum, with options suitable for both business casual attire and the racetrack. They embody a distinct flair and are far from uniform, often characterized by their bold and striking designs. While race watches may vary in appearance, two features remain essential: a chronograph function for precise timing and a tachymeter for speed calculations.


For example this Rolex Daytona 40 with reference 116509-0055 and Tag Heuer Carrera CAR201T.BA0766 both included with chronograph and tachymeter functions.

For those considering a race watch, certain key features should be on your checklist. First and foremost, a tachymeter allows you to perform time and distance calculations, with the bezel markings indicating speed in units per hour based on the time it takes to cover a known distance. Additionally, look for a watch equipped with two pushers, enabling the start, stop, and reset functions of the second hand – a crucial feature for timing events. The chronograph function, essentially a stopwatch complication, is another hallmark of race watches, facilitating precise measurement of time intervals.