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5 unpopular Patek Philippe models

5 unpopular Patek Philippe models

Today, Patek Philippe is one of the most respected watch brands. They have a rich, interesting history, and they keep delivering the most interesting and innovating timepieces. Their vintage watches keep breaking records at auctions. But still, this seemingly ‘untouchable’ brand has made some weird looking timepieces. Today, we will focus on the 5 ‘ugliest’ Patek Philippe watches. Of course, these are just opinions.

Neptune 5080 & 5085

Patek Philippe has 3 nautical/sea inspired sports watches. The Nautilus, the Aquanaut, and.... the almost forgotten Neptune. The Neptune line has always been an odd ball in the Patek line up. It was never really popular, and still stays under the radar today. Maybe one day, collectors will hype it up? Who knows!

5524G Calatrava pilot travel time

The Calatrava Pilot Travel Time is one of those ‘you love it or you hate it’ watches. To me personally, it feels off. The Calatrava line is all about elegance, so a pilot watch with big travel time pushers just feels weird.

5520P travel time alarm

To me, this watch has exactly the same issues as the 5524G, plus one extra pusher. Don’t get me wrong, the movement and complications in this watch are amazing. I have had the chance to hear the alarm in real life, and it’s one of the most clear ‘dings’ I have ever heard. But still, it doesn’t feel like a classy watch. If I had to spend 200.000 on a grand complication, this one wouldn’t be it.


Even though the price of this watch stays really stable (and high), it’s the strange cousin in the Nautilus family. While Patek wants to be known for making elegant watches that can be handed down from generation to generation, this is the exact opposite. Full diamond set with a colourful dragon screaming on the dial and bezel isn’t really Patek-ish.