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3 Good Reasons why you should Buy a Pre-Loved Watch

It is a question that we often encounter here at Timepiece Bank; "Why would I buy a pre-owned watch when I could just buy a new one?". While every person has their own reasons for buying a second-hand, we've put together some of the key benefits

rolex pre-owned watch

1. Price tag

A new luxury watch can be an expensive purchase. Certain watches can be 20% to 30% cheaper on the second-hand market.

2. Choice of rare and terminated models

Our range of pre-owned watches includes many models that are out of production. Who knows, you might find your dream watch at a cheaper price.

3. Rising demand

The second-hand market for luxury watches has grown seriously in recent years. Take Rolex, for example. This brand cannot cope with the growing demand for new models. The waiting lists sometimes go up to 10 years. If you buy a second-hand Rolex from us, you will receive it within a few days.