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How do I place an order?

There's 2 different ways to order a watch.  One way is to order the watch by adding it to your cart and pay for it directly in our checking-out process.  Another is to send us a purchase request, which we will then evaluate and approve or decline.  When a purchase request is approved, you can go ahead and put it in your shopping cart and then pay for it through the checking-out process.

Now, you might wonder why we have this 'purchase request' for quite a few of the watches we offer, instead of having the direct 'add to cart' button.  It can be for a few different reasons, but the main reason is the fact that we offer the same watch not only on the Timepiece Bank website, but also on other platforms.  It is possible that a watch gets reserved by a customer on one of those platforms, thus we cannot guarantee for the full 100% that we can actually deliver the watch you would like to order, cause there's a previous reservation.  Or it could be that the watch is already sold through another platform, but the data hasn't come through yet.

In any case we have the experience that 80% of all purchase requests will be approved within 2 days, and another 10% will get approval in one week.  So a purchase request will mostly turn out to be a purchase possibility for you.

In the check-out process you will stay informed by us sending you e-mails with the status of your order.  Also if there's any question or uncertainty, or if there would be a delay for any number of reasons, we will always let you know.