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Watch model highlight: Hermès Arceau Cheval d'Orient

Watch model highlight: Hermès Arceau Cheval d'Orient

Inspired by a Hermès service set, the unique ‘Arceau’ line was born. The dial of the ‘Cheval D’Orient’ was applied with the special technique of Lacquering. This painting technique is an artisanal craft that is almost extinct. The fact that this technique was used on metal instead of wood, makes it extra impressive.


The first layers of black paint are applied using a a fine brush. After it has dried for three days, the layers are sanded with a fine sandpaper. This process is repeated until 30 layers have been applied. This way, a deep black base coat is obtained. Afterwards, the artist can apply the contours of the pattern and mix the colours for further painting. Also these layers are applied one by one, with a drying time of 10 days. Finally, the dials is topped with a a transparant lacquer layer.

Each unique dial has a diameter of 41 mm. Wide white gold Arceau watch, powered by an automatic Manufacture Hermès H1837 caliber with a power reserve of 50 hours. Only 24 of these unique pieces were made.