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Focus on Watch brand: Jaermann & Stübi

Golf and luxury watches, it is not an easy combination. The shocks that the clockwork gets to endure during a game of golf, sometimes as much as 20 to 40G in a few milliseconds, usually do no good. Only a few watch brands will recommend their buyers to wear a luxury watch during this noble sport. The Swiss watch brand Jaermann & Stübi has specialized completely. The brand makes shockproof watches that can withstand the forces on the field.

Jaermann & Stübi

The flagship of the brand is the Stroke Play family, which includes collections such as St Andrews Links, Time the Play, Hole in One, Queen of Golf and the Stroke Play Skeleton. The functions of the watches in this range include hours, minutes, big seconds, strokes per hole, total score, played holes and handicap comparison. Of course, the watches have the ring with the patented ShockGuard system and its movement can be seen through the sapphire glass caseback.