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Focus on Watch brand: IWC

A rich history

The famous ‘Da Vinci’, with a perpetual calendar, the super anti-magnetic 'Engineer' or dive watches which can even withstand a depth of 2000 meters and have a mechanical depth gauge. The production of high quality and complicated watches is undoubtedly the specialty of the watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen. IWC has been producing professional pilot watches and highly sophisticated pocket watches since its foundation in 1868 by Florentine Ariosto Jones, who was an American engineer from Boston. This company is situated by the Rhine, far away from the watch centers in western Switzerland. IWC has its name and existence due to its American founder, who at this site built a hydroelectric power station that he could use for his machines. The perfection of handwork, internal training, the refusal to make mass products: it fits all in the aspire of IWC to make top quality watches. That’s why its watches can last for decades if the owner takes good care. Some models are highly collectible and people are prepared to spend big money on them. The coveted timepieces are manufactured by 390 staff members. Since 2000 IWC is part of Richemont SA.

IWC Watches

Why are people so interested in IWC?

  • IWC is a technical innovator. Instead of spending money on marketing and celebrity endorsements, the company focuses on making watches that surpass all technical expectations. The Grand Complication is a good example. This wristwatch has 659 parts and is the most complex watch made since 1990. Another example is the Da Vinci which has a perpetual calendar that stays accurate for 500 years.
  • Their best-known watches are the ‘Pilot’s Watches’ of which some models have 7 days power reserve thanks to their innovative mechanical inner work.
  • IWC produced many limited-edition watches during the years. Chances are high your limited edition increases in value every year.

Take a look at our IWC watches below.

IWC watches