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Focus on Watch brand: Bell & Ross Watches

In the early 1990s, a team of designers and specialists in aviation measuring instruments collaborated on the same project: continuing the great Swiss watch tradition with attention to the demands of professionals who sometimes find themselves in extreme situations.

There are some occupations in which people are exposed to extreme temperatures, sudden accelerations or extreme pressure values. These extreme situations were studied by Bell & Ross, along with pilots, divers, astronauts and minesweepers. Those people have jobs for which a watch is not just tool, but an instrument on which they can blindly rely each moment.

Bell&Ross Watches

In order for a watch that responds perfectly to the expectations of the people who use it, Bell & Ross has gathered people with complementary knowledge and they had all the same objective. Master watchmakers, engineers, designers and professional users brought together their know-how and experiences to create a watch for professional use.

Bell & Ross relies on 4 design principles:

  • Readability: The Bell & Ross timepieces are based on the visual principles of the dashboard counters of a plane.
  • Functionality: Most Bell & Ross watches are equipped with special functions, developed for specific professional use.
  • Precision: All Bell & Ross models are developed, fabricated and mounted in Switzerland. And they all have high precision adjustments.
  • Water Resistance: Like the Hydro-Challenger model for which Bell & Ross received a world record of water tightness (Guiness Book), Bell & Ross guarantees an optimal water tightness of 100 to 11,100 meters.

Since 1996, Bell & Ross has its own production unit in the Swiss La Chaux-de-Fonds. In this place the watches are tuned, assembled and finished by master watchmakers. Their knowledge is expressed in the precision of the measurements, the strict checks and attention to every stage of the work, regardless of the mechanical complexity of the watch.

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Bell & Ross watches