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Focus on Watch brand: Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross was founded in 1992 by industrial designer Bruno Belamich (Bell) and business manager Carlos Rosillo (Ross), which is actually pretty young for a Swiss watch brand (compared to Rolex founded in 1905) and has a rather special appearance in the (conservative) watch world. After a partnership with the Frankfurt watch manufacturer 'Sinn', Bell & Ross started their own production in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Although the watches are made in Switzerland, the original designers come from Switzerland and France. The company's headquarters are located in Paris.

Bell & Ross

The Unique design

What makes the watches so special is that they are designed like the analogue instruments in a cockpit. The BR Instrument is a great example of this. The BR01, with its square housing,  was the great breaktrough of Bell & Ross in 2005 and the brand used this model as a basis for many future models.

Bell & Ross watches are used by professionals like pilots, divers, astronauts and even personnel of the explosive cleanup service. You can imagine that explosive experts are essential to know exactly the right time. The watches can also withstand extreme temperatures and heights. At the same time, Bell & Ross also wanted to make a watch that has a great design.

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Bell & Ross watches