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Focus on Watch brand: Bell & Ross

Focus on Watch brand: Bell & Ross

In the world of Swiss watchmaking, where heritage and tradition often reign supreme, Bell & Ross stands as a comparatively youthful brand, having been founded in 1992 by industrial designer Bruno Belamich (Bell) and business manager Carlos Rosillo (Ross). This relative newcomer to the industry brings a distinctive and unconventional perspective to horology. While their watches are proudly Swiss-made in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the company's origins are a blend of Swiss and French design sensibilities, with headquarters nestled in the heart of Paris.


The Bell & Ross BR01-92 introduced in 2005.

What sets Bell & Ross apart is their unorthodox approach to watch design, which draws inspiration from the precision instruments found in the cockpit of an aircraft. The BR Instrument series exemplifies this unique design philosophy, with the BR01, featuring a distinctive square case, marking a pivotal breakthrough for Bell & Ross in 2005. This groundbreaking model served as the foundation for numerous future creations, making the brand synonymous with aviation-inspired timepieces.


Bell & Ross watches are not just stylish accessories; they serve the needs of professionals in various fields, including pilots, divers, astronauts, and even explosive ordnance disposal personnel. These timepieces are crafted to endure the most extreme conditions, including temperature fluctuations and high altitudes, while maintaining their precision and functionality. Beyond their utilitarian aspects, Bell & Ross is also dedicated to marrying form and function, ensuring that each watch exudes a captivating design. Explore our curated selection of Bell & Ross watches below, where innovation and aesthetic brilliance unite in each timepiece.