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Focus on Watch brand: Baume & Mercier watches

Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier forms, together with the honorable watchmaker colleagues Cartier and Piaget, a core of qualitative watch activities in the impressive portfolio of the Richemont Group. This traditional watch brand produces some of the most accessible and affordable timepieces of all Geneva’s luxury watch brands. The past ten years Baume & Mercier produced many (and much replicated) remarkable classics. During the years the brand has worked hard to be accepted on the men’s market of its Classima Executives line and building further on their watchmaking glory from the past when they began as chronograph specialists. The brand is located in Geneva but most of the watches are produced in the assembly center which they built a few years ago in ‘Les Brenets’ near Le Locle. The watch parts are manufactured by specialized suppliers in accordance with the strictest quality guidelines. Some of those manufacturers are sister companies of the Richemont Group.

Baume & Mercier Watches

Re-invention vs. Invention

Keeping ahead of trends in both men's and women's fashion is the essence of the brand's design strategy. The newly interpreted iconic Classima is particularly well-suited to the modern spirit of time. It may seem a little bit minimalistic to some people. In 2016, the brand presented 2 luxurious versions, 1 with a viewer on the balance and the other with a second time zone. The newest Clifton chronograph with full calendar also features a streamlined, modern look without losing connection to classic features of the collection. The new line ‘Petite Promesse’, which stands in the middle of a jewel and a watch, is aimed at a younger group thanks to its elegant double-loop strap, available in whole blue, orange or fine stainless steel.

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Watches Baume & Mercier