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Focus on Watch brand: Anonimo Watches

Focus on Watch brand: Anonimo Watches

A brief history

Watch brand ‘Anonimo’ was founded in 1997 at the river bank of Arno in Florence, Italy.
The capital of Tuscany has a long history of watchmaking which goes back to Giovanni de Dondi (1318-1389) who built his first planetarium around 1368.

During the Renaissance era in the same area, there was an architect and goldsmith named ‘Lorenzo della Volpaia’ (1446-1512) who worked with calendars and astronomical instruments. And finally there were also great men like the mathematician ‘Galileo’ and the greatest of them all: Leonardo da Vinci.

Anonimo Watches

In a more recent past the Italian watch industry was busy producing watches for submarine crew and frogmen.

The main technology came from Switzerland but the specialized know-how for the manufacture of robust and water resistant watches came from the small watch companies which were specialized in the making of watch cases.

The founders of ‘Anonimo’ saw the strength of these ‘little’ companies and decided to use it for their watch brand.

‘Anonimo’ was a hiding name for all the different, small and discrete companies with whom they cooperated for their superior finished watches.

Since 2013, Anonimo has 3 watch categories which function on Swiss technology coming from ETA or Sellita. Some watches have modules of Dubois Depraz, a Swiss manufacturer of watch movement modules of whom Audemars Piguet is a client.

Anonimo Watches

The collections are the result of characteristic design and high skilled production. The quality of their materials is indisputable as they use corrosion resistant stainless steel, fine bronze and titanium which is valued for the sake of its durability and hypoallergenic characteristics. With regard to the design, the watch cases exhibit some special features. The Military models have a crown which is situated in a protected area between the upper lugs. Thanks to this ingenious hinge system, the crown can be pressed in the case of the watch for an impervious connection or released to set time.

Anonimo watches