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Disruptive Watch Design: Zenith by Bamford

Disruptive Watch Design: Zenith by Bamford


The BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT was launched in 2003 and had ‘shocked’ the watch industry. Based in London and founded by George Bamford, they emphasize personalization of luxury watches in an age of mass production. It is the world’s first leading company to customize luxury timepieces. But why did George come up with such idea?



On his 21st birthday, his father gave George a Rolex Daytona. He thought it was a very special watch, which it obviously was, until he sat at the dinner table and everyone around him had that same ‘special’ watch. He was disappointed and swore to never have the same watch as anyone else again.Some watch lovers reject the idea but a lot of people love it. Perhaps it’s nice to have a personalized masterpiece around the wrist. BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT (BWD) offers you a transformation of your luxury timepiece in any design you might like.

Despite the fact that a number of people and watch companies reject the idea of altering a perfectly good luxury watch, there is yet one Swiss watch brand who made BWD its official watch customizer, and that brand is Zenith. As a customer you can start with a few base Zenith watch models – a pilot’s chronograph included – and change the looks while keeping the technical components of the watch the same. Customers can experiment online with the customization tool on BWD’s website and can see in advance how their watch will look like. But there are some pre-configured watches too.

You don’t have to be scared because Zenith still considers your watch an authentic Zenith so your watch doesn't loses its warranty.

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