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5 Omega models you didn’t know existed

5 Omega models you didn’t know existed

Omega today exists for the majority of Seamasters and Speedmasters. Even though their modern line-up is way bigger than these two, the Seamaster and Speedmaster claim most of the attention. Here are 5 Omega models you did not know existed.


Speedmaster 1045 TV dial

The Speedmaster TV dial is a weird one. Omega made some Speedmaster with LCD screens, but this one attracts the most frowns. Due to low success, it was quickly discontinued and forgotten.


Omega Triple date moonphase 2471-1

This watch was made in the late forties and early fifties, and looks just amazing. I wouldn’t mind if Omega would bring these back.


Omega Cosmic 1951

This is the least Omega looking Omega.


Omega La Magique

The Omega La Magique is a rare bird, only 216 pieces were ever made. It also has a famous fan: Tony Montana. In the 1983 classic Scarface, Al Pachino wore an Omega La Magique.


Megaquartz Seamaster 1000

This one is actually a prototype. It was never in production, but can be found in the Omega museum. It has a lot of DNA of the Ploprof.