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B.R.M. Watches

B.R.M should be a favorite watch maker for Francophiles, racing fans, and watch lovers alike.

Watch making masters are known by those very few searching for the absolute best. In a very selective world where the Elite makes the rules, nobody is speaking about mass production or productivity. B.R.M Watches is about passion and perfection.

Bernard Richards Manufacture is only a few miles from Paris. Night and day, with the help of his amazing craftsman, he turns and assembles the most complex parts of the timepieces.

Some of the most prestigious and luxury watch making giants contact him for his savoir-faire and his specialized know-how.

The first B.R.M watch was commercialized only two years after it was created, in order to offer a unique timepiece to watch fans.

At B.R.M, each manufacturing operation is exceptional, from the selection of the metals to the case settings.

A B.R.M watch is a combination of beauty and power, as well as it can look "classic" and "sharp".

No mass production, no quantity, only quality products.

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  1. V6-44 New
    REF: V6-44-HB-BG-CN-ADR
    €1,990.00 Now Only €1,850.00
  2. V14-44 New
    REF: V14-44-BN
    €5,150.00 Now Only €3,150.00
  3. REF: V12-44-BG-CGBN
    €5,610.00 Now Only €3,890.00
  4. T12-44 New
    €5,400.00 Now Only €3,790.00
  5. DDF12-44 New
    REF: DDF12-44-SQ-AR
    €11,900.00 Now Only €7,450.00
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