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Why Rolex Makes Their Own Alloys

Just like Omega (click here to read the full article on Omega’s alloys), Rolex also makes their own unique and patented alloys. Rolex even took it a step further. While Omega has their own unique combinations, Rolex even has their own foundry, where they physically make their own alloys with their own precious metals. Rolex doesn’t just assemble watches, they melt their own metal and make their own gold.

Today, we are going to find out which unique alloys come out of Rolex’s foundry.



Rolex Cellini Everose Gold

Everose gold

Everose is an exclusively patented rose gold alloy that is used on all the modern rose gold watches of the Rolex line-up. The alloy was introduced in 2005, and has been a huge success ever since.

Everose was developed for the same reason Omega developed Sedna gold. Rose gold is partially made of copper, and copper can fade over time. This phenomenon is sped up if the material touches salt water. Given that the 126655 Yachtmaster is a rose gold watch designed for racing yachts at sea, I’d say that the odds of the watch touching salt water are pretty big.

When you add platinum to this alloy, the red glow will never fade, and the watch will always keep its rich red color.



Rolesor is Rolex’s take on gold, and shows why Rolex is a pioneer. Omega patented its first alloy in 2013, Rolex patented Rolesor in 1933, and has been using Rolesor ever since.

White Rolesor is an alloy of Oystersteel and white gold. Yellow Rolesor is an alloy of Oystersteel and yellow gold. Combining the precious metals with Oystersteel makes the material much stronger and more robust than regular 18k gold. A smart move, since Rolex offers most of their sports watches in precious metals. You can’t market yourself as the leader in sports watches and use regular soft yellow gold that’s prone to scratches and dents. Sharp edges like a fluted bezel would be made dull in a matter of days if the bezel would be made from regular softer gold.


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