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What is a Complication watch?

You've heard the term 'Complication watch', but you're not sure what that is?

If a mechanical watch offers more functions than just the time (hours, minutes, seconds), then it is considered a 'complicated' timepiece. Each 'extra' function next to hours and minutes is then called a complication.

Watch Complications

Some of the more known complications are:


This Complication shows the current phase of the moon in the lunar cycle.

Perpetual Calendar

This Complication adjusts the calendar for month length and leap years.


This Complication makes the Chronograph reset and restart in one push of the button.


This Complication displays the Date on the watch.


This Complication have a dedicated alarm and alarm hand.

Panorama Date

This Complication means the watch has a big date display.

Power Reserve

This Complication means the watch has a power reserve indicator.



Automatic Watches

One of the beautiful things about a mechanical watch is that is requires interaction with its owner to function. That coiled mainspring will only provide power for a day or two (or sometimes longer) if you don’t keep it wound. The automatic, or self-winding, watch, functions as its name suggests. As long as you’re wearing it, the mainspring maintains tension thanks to the weighted rotor in the movement that oscillates with your arm’s movements. A slipping clutch prevents the spring from getting overwound. Unless you don’t wear your watch daily or you’re an extremely inactive person, you won’t have to wind your automatic. But if you do, just give the crown 20 or 30 spins until the seconds hand starts moving, set the time and then strap it on. 

Blue Dial Watches

Blue dials are extremely popular these days. For example; blue dial models from Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe are extremely desirable and the results are very long waiting lists. But why are people seeking for that one particular color? The color blue brings us a lot of joy when we see it around us. For some the color refers to a beautiful blue sky and for others a mysterious blue ocean. The color also occurs in our wardrobes, think about your favorite pair of jeans or that blue jacket. Blue is considered as the warmest color as well. It can be easily worn in combination with several other colors. Fashion experts recommend wearing a blue dial watch for important interviews because it symbolizes a sense of loyalty, cleanliness and understanding.

DLC Coating

Sometimes, luxury watches are coated with DLC.

DLC Coating

DLC stands for: ‘Diamond-like carbon’. As the name implies, DLC possesses some of the valuable properties of diamonds. DLC can be applied to almost any material. If DLC in pure form is applied, it is just as hard as natural diamonds. A watch case that is equipped with DLC coating offers exceptional protection against wear and exposure to moisture.

PVD Coating

PVD stands for ‘Physical Vapor Deposition’. It is a modern technology in which condensation of atoms or molecules from a gas or vapor form thin, but very hard layers of coating (1 to 3 micrometers) when they are applied to a metal carrier, for example the watch case or other metal parts. This process takes place under vacuum. 

PVD Coating

PVD is often used within watchmaking by giving stainless steel or titanium a colored coating, usually yellow (gold), but other colors also occur. PVD coating has the advantage of being very scratch-resistant, resistant to corrosion and makes it possible to choose in many different colors.

Jaermann & Stübi

Golf and luxury watches, it is not an easy combination. The shocks that the clockwork gets to endure during a game of golf, sometimes as much as 20 to 40G in a few milliseconds, usually do no good. Only a few watch brands will recommend their buyers to wear a luxury watch during this noble sport. The Swiss watch brand Jaermann & Stübi has specialized completely. The brand makes shockproof watches that can withstand the forces on the field.

Jaermann & Stübi

The flagship of the brand is the Stroke Play family, which includes collections such as St Andrews Links, Time the Play, Hole in One, Queen of Golf and the Stroke Play Skeleton. The functions of the watches in this range include hours, minutes, big seconds, strokes per hole, total score, played holes and handicap comparison. Of course, the watches have the ring with the patented ShockGuard system and its movement can be seen through the sapphire glass caseback.

The Rolex Daytona

The sixties were wild years. Especially for Rolex when the legendary founder Hans Wilsdorf died. The Deep Sea Special went to the seabed with a submarine and thanks to this the Rolex Sea-Dweller was introduced. But the most important news from that period came in 1963.

The Rolex Daytona

The introduction of the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. The inspiration for the name Daytona (which appeared on the dial in 1964) is easier to guess: this chronograph had to become a race watch. Initially, the watch was named after another legendary race 'Le Mans' but that was quickly changed. By then, Rolex already sponsored the annual 24 hours of Daytona for two years. The watch was not a direct hit, but due to low production numbers, the demand only increased in the following years. The best-known model is undoubtedly the Paul Newman Daytona (never mentioned by Rolex, but simply named after his stylish wearer).

Two-Tone Watches

Another word for two-tone is ‘bicolor’ and bicolor means 2 colors. A bicolor watch is therefore composed of 2 colors, usually different material or the same material with different colors. 

Two-Tone Watches

A common combination is stainless steel with yellow gold. This combination can occur in the case and/or the bracelet of the watch.

Fold Clasp

If a watch is provided with a folding clasp, there is a closure by means of two hinged metal strips which are attached to the strap of the watch and which are bent in the shape of the wrist.

Fold Clasp

Because this closure is foldable, the watch can be put around the wrist like a bracelet and then, when closing, it folds one metal strip over the other metal strip. A folding clasp is often more expensive than a tang buckle, but with a folding clasp your watch strap will last longer. Moreover, the chance that your luxury watch falls of your wrist, when putting on or taking off, is smaller.

The advantages of stainless steel watches

Why are stainless steel watches so popular these days?

The advantages of stainless steel watches
Stainless steel is rust and corrosion-resistant
Stainless steel can’t be affected by moisture, perspiration and seawater (salts and acids)
Stainless steel is anti-allergic
A skin reaction due to irritation is rare. The pure stainless steel used for watches and jewelery is of the high content 316L. Only this high pure quality is used by the better brands of watches. Rolex even uses 904L steel. This steel is harder and more rust and corrosion-resistant than other steels, it can take and hold a polish incredibly well.
Stainless steel is very hard
The 316L steel is processed with high precision and has a very long life. The melting point of stainless steel is above +/- 1550 ° C.
Stainless steel is modern and affordable!
Stainless steel is used more and more in the jewelry sector, such as luxury watches.