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4 Reasons why men wear a watch

Asked this question to a watch enthousiast will probably get you talking for the next hour. Everybody has their own reasons why men wear a watch. Here are some very strong arguments for every man

reasons why men wear a watch

1. Multifunctional

Where women often have multiple options when it comes to wearing jewelry, it is limited for men. Many men only wear a watch, because this is often the only accessory that is right for them. Fortunately, there are many different types of watches. You can, for example, wear one that is specifically designed for sports, for work or simply to make an impression. The watch is therefore suitable for several situations.

2. Piece of Art

Every luxury watch brand pays a lot of attention to the design, the main characteristics and the materials of their timepieces. It’s important to create the perfect watch that everyone can enjoy for generations.

3. Distinctive

A watch can also distinct you from other people. As discussed, each watch can have its own purpose and each has its own design. For most people it is more than just an article that only indicates the time. They really see the watch as a part of their human being. Often, the type of watch says something about someone's appearance and the type of person..

4. Collection

A fourth reason why watches can be so popular is because it’s a good collector's item. Where women often collect shoes, earrings or handbags, a man can decide to start collecting watches. Since so many different types exist, it is quite a challenge to collect as many unique and special watches as possible.

Helium Release Valve

A helium release valve is a valve that is designed for watches that are suitable for deep-sea diving. The noble gas helium consists of one of the smallest molecules and is able to penetrate into the watch when diving at great depths (and thus high pressure).

Helium Release Valve

Once in the watch, this gas can’t escape quickly enough, unless the watch is equipped with a helium release valve to let the helium escape from the watch during lowering the pressure. This is necessary to prevent the watch from exploding during decompression. There are helium release valves that you can open and close yourself, but there are also brands / models where the valve automatically opens and closes. Not every watch that is designed for scuba diving is equipped with a helium release valve. In that case, these watches are designed so that no helium can penetrate into the watch.

Two-Tone Watches

Another word for two-tone is ‘bicolor’ and bicolor means 2 colors. A bicolor watch is therefore composed of 2 colors, usually different material or the same material with different colors. 

Two-Tone Watches

A common combination is stainless steel with yellow gold. This combination can occur in the case and/or the bracelet of the watch.

Panorama Date

A Panorama Date (or large date) shows a large date, as the name says.

Panorama Date

The display of a date - large or normal - is a representation of a date, you will probably say. But the big date, unlike the "normal" date, is a complex mechanism consisting of 2 round discs, with only the units 1 to 3 on the first disk and the units 0 to 9 on the 2nd disk. This complication requires perfect synchronization between the individual disks. In most cases, each of these 2 disks has its own window on the dial.

Audemars Piguet

Why choosing Audemars Piguet?
Tradition, excellence and daring are the three fundamental principles with which Audemars Piguet continues the art of ‘Haute Horlogerie’.

Audemars Piguet

At any time in its history, the company has been able to adopt avant-garde techniques and put them at the service of manual craftsmanship, resulting in extraordinary timepieces. This approach has given the company an unprecedented number of world firsts.
Although Audemars Piguet uses the latest technologies in the development and production of the components, the decoration, assembly and adjustment are carried out by hand, according to traditional methods. For Audemars Piguet, a watch from inside and outside has to be equally beautiful and perfect. The sides are therefore satin brushed, the plates are circularly granulated, the bridges of 'Côtes de Genève' decoration and all parts are slanted. It is precisely those long hours at the workbench that make every Audemars Piguet watch an indescribable aura of emotion.

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10 Good reasons to buy a Luxury Watch

Let us give you 10 good reasons to buy a luxury watch:  

1. It gives you opportunities. It changes the way people look at you and thus you’ll get more respect. For example: if you have a meeting with a potential client and you wear a nice suit with a nice luxury watch, the client will have more respect for you and it may facilitate things.

2. Women like men with a nice watch because it’s the only type of jewelry a man can wear and it somehow represents the image of the wearer. A nice watch tells a lot about its owner.

3. Investment value. It’s proven over time buying the right watch at the right price increases the value of the watch within years. It will always keep its value and in worse case you’ll have a minimal loss.

4. It enhances your style. And that goes for anything. Whether you wear a nice suit or just casual clothes, it always enhances your style.

5. A great hobby for watch lovers. There is so much behind it and you can go deep into it. And always remember, there is a watch for everybody.

10 Good reasons to buy a Luxury Watch

6. It’s a nice topic of conversation. All around the world people gather at minor or major events to show their watches and talk about it. You can start many conversations because of a nice watch.

7. For some of you it’s not but for most people it is; a nice watch is some sort of a status symbol. Let’s be honest, in the world we are living now, looks matter. So a nice watch is some kind of a subtle display of wealth.

8. It’s a little piece of art around your wrist. Believe it or not there is a reason why some watches cost millions of dollars.

9. A luxury watch has top-quality timekeeping. Beyond the aesthetic aspect there is also timekeeping which is the most important thing about a watch. There is definitely a difference in quality between low-prices watches and watches with a high price tag. A good luxury watch can last for generations if it is well maintained.

10. As we already said, a good watch can last for generations. So it can be passed on from father to son as a nice heritage.


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Oris: The growth of a small giant


Oris has been producing mechanical watches since 1904 in the town of Hölstein in northwestern Switzerland, near Basel. The brand has always followed a strategy of low prices and high quality, and so Oris has been able to fill the gap where they were left behind by other big names when they went for a fortune on top market segments. This has led to the growing international success for Oris, with a portfolio divided into four 'product segments', each with its own specific identity: Aviation, Sports, Diving and Culture. By using specific materials (such as a tungsten bezel) and features based on these types, Oris ensures that the models perfectly match the world for which they are designed. But the heart of each timepiece contains a small, high-quality and high-tech innerwork, recognizable by the typical red rotor of the brand. In 2014, the brand surprised everyone celebrating its 110th birthday with the presentation of the self-built caliber 110; a technically efficient manual winding clock. In 2015, the caliber 111 was added. These are special watches: In collaboration with the technicians of the technical academy at Le Locle, Oris developed a giant spring box with a spring of 1.8 meters. Due to extensive trials and numerous small adjustments, the settlement of this long spring has been optimized, giving a full ten-day running reserve that provides constant coupling. However, the power reserve indicator on the right side of the dial does not move smoothly due to the transmission ratio. Towards the end, the points on the scale are slightly different, to give a more realistic impression of the residual power. In 2016, Oris added a third in-house caliber, this time with a GMT complication, which took place in an elegant Artelier for the first time.

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Watches with ETA movements

ETA SA is one of the best, if not the greatest company in watch movement history. Watch lovers around the world already heard about this massive manufacturer of watch movements.

ETA movement

‘ETA SA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse’ is a Swiss company that produces and develops quartz and mechanical watch movements. This giant has a long history that goes back to 1793 and today it provides ébauches and components for thousands of timepieces produced each year all over the world. ETA SA, owned by The Swatch Group today, crushed everyone on his path to success and has conquered the first place in the watch industry.

Many watch companies owned by Swatch Group utilize an ETA movement. However, more and more luxury watch manufactures nowadays produce watches with their own in-house movement. But why wouldn’t you buy a watch with a movement from a manufacturer that has such a good reputation and an even greater history than some watch companies? Anyway, there are many luxury watch brands which use ETA movements and some will never change because the costs to make in-house movements are high and the quality of ETA movements are very good. 

if your luxury watch doesn’t function on an in-house movement, chances are high it’s an ETA one.