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Omega Planet Ocean

With its history on the world's oceans in mind, OMEGA introduced the Seamaster Planet Ocean series in 2005 - a tribute to the heritage of OMEGA in the field of diving watches. Equipped with very advanced technology and a contemporary design, Omega created an entirely new divers watch which became a modern classic. The Planet Ocean models are also ‘Master Chronometer’ timepieces. They all meet the highest standards in accuracy, performance and magnetic resistance.

Diving Watches

You can always buy and wear a diving watch without actually use it professionally. But it’s always nice to know what they are actually made for. Just in case you would make a deep dive in your life.
A dive watch generally needs to have a water resistance of at least 10 ATM (100 meters).

Diving Watches

It is recommended to have a water resistance of at least 20 ATM for scuba diving. But today it is not a problem anymore as most diving watches have at least a water resistance of 30 ATM and some go even deeper. Some watches go so deep you can’t reach the depth without proper protection. Let’s all think about the Rolex Deepsea See-Dweller ‘James Cameron’ that goes to 3900 meters under water. But those watches need helium release valves to protect the watch from pressure. A true diver’s watch must accord to severe standards like the ISO 6425 and it is clearly marked so there is a proper distinction between them and watches that are not suitable for actual diving. What differentiates a dive watch from a sports watch is that dive watches are specifically made for diving. Even deep sea diving in the ocean. But how many people go buy a diving watch because they need it especially for diving?

What we really need to know is the reason why people would still buy a diving watch without the professional use of it. The fact is that as far as we know diving watches are tough, reliable and robust. If you can trust a dive watch with a water resistance up to ,for example, 300 meters, you can trust that same watch to go surfing, sailing, and rafting. If the watch can get wet, it can take a beating.
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Omega and the Sea

When we hear Omega, we think about their contribution to space exploration. Omega and the Moon. But the brand has a strong relation with the oceans too. Omega’s first diving watch was the ‘Marine’ in 1932. This watch was the first commercial diving watch in the world. The design featured a detachable dubble case of precious metal or pure gold. Back then that little timepiece was seen as the best water resistant diving watch ever made. It was tested by Omega in the lake of Geneva on a depth of 73 meters and the Swiss Laboratory for watch research tested the watch on an artificial depth of 135 meters. Omega’s relation to the water remains strong as the brand still produces water-ready watches today.

Omega and the Sea

In 1955, the Omega Seamaster gained fame when James Bond wore it on his dangerous missions. Pierce Brosnan wore his Seamaster Diver 300m in GoldenEye and Daniel Craig had a Seamaster 300 in Spectre. But the Seamaster exists much longer than James Bond does.
The Omega Seamaster was already introduced in 1948 to celebrate OMEGA’s 100th anniversary and is the brand’s longest running collection still produced today. The first Omega Seamasters were dress watches that could tolerate some exposure to water. And so the modern diving watch was born in 1957. It was the Seamaster 300. But it was not Omega’s first diving watch. The ‘Marine’ was already worn around the wrist by several pioneering divers such as William Beebe and Yves Le Prieur on their way to explore the depths of the ocean.
Today the most popular OMEGA Seamaster models are the Seamaster ‘Aqua Terra’, the Seamaster ‘Planet Ocean’ and the Seamaster ‘Professional’.

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