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Rolex Crown

Markings on the Rolex crown

The Rolex crown is one of the, if not the most important part of a Rolex watch. There’s even a complete history behind it. It’s the only piece the wearer has control of. There are so many articles written about this little but super important piece of the watch, going from actual manufacturing to functionality.

Rolex Crown

Today we’re going to talk about the little markings on the watch’s crown. If you own a Rolex, you can actually check it right now. You’ll see small dots, bigger dots maybe with a little dash underneath it. But what do they mean for your watch? Let us give you a quick explanation regarding this topic.

The little dots/dash will tell you if your watch has a Twinlock or Triplock crown. The combination of dots and the dash changes depending your Twinlock or Triplock crown and tells you which metal is used in your Rolex. You will quickly recognize it by looking at the picture below.

/////////////////////////        Steel/Yellow Gold              White Gold            Platinum
  TWINLOCK          Only small dash              2 small dots          1 small dot
  TRIPLOCK            3 small dots small dot/bigger dot/small dot big dot/small dot/big dot

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