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Everything you need to know about luxury watches

What It Takes To Be A Good Watch Ambassador

Being a watch ambassador might seem like a dream job. You receive great watches for free, and you just have to wear them, that’s it. Pose for a few pictures and go on with your day and free timepiece.

Having your brand on the wrist of an athlete or celebrity might not be as easy as it sounds. A good ambassador can introduce your brand to millions of new potential customers, but a bad ambassador can really hurt your precious name. Let’s find out how brands should pick ambassadors, and how they certainly shouldn’t pick them.

It’s important to have a brand ambassador who actually likes your products. That might sound like pure logic, but it’s actually harder than it sounds.



Tom Brady IWC Ambassador

How it should be done

Let’s start with the topic of the month, legendary quarterback Tom Brady. Brady is an American football quarterback player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and is considered one of the best American football players to have ever existed. Brady and his team have been all over the news for the last few days, since he won his 7th Super Bowl on February 7th, an unseen record. He is the first player in history to win 7 Superbowl rings.

Brady has also been an important IWC brand ambassador since 2019. Brady was often spotted wearing IWC watches before he was ambassador, watches he paid full retail price for. He was often seen wearing an IWC Portugieser he received from his wife, and his all-time favorite, the black Top Gun Pilots watch. It was only logical for IWC to approach him and make him the face of the brand, since Brady already had much affinity for IWC.

Since we are talking about IWC, we have to mention Lewis Hamilton. Brady is the all-time best American Football player, Hamilton is the all-time best Formula 1 driver. That’s just by looking at the numbers.

Hamilton is a big IWC fan as well. Hamilton has a big IWC collection, as well as a few unique pieces he proudly wears. He only wears IWC, even in his free time, and even if his contract doesn’t obligate him to do so.

That’s how you build loyalty, and brand loyalty the best publicity money can’t buy.

Hamilton even has a IWC printed on his racing gloves, so it always looks like he is wearing a watch, even mid race.


How It Should NOT Be Done

Daniel Craig is an Omega Ambassador (technically James Bond is, but you get the point), and yet Daniel wears northing but Rolex in his free time. Craig only wears Omega on Omega-sponsored events, and takes his watch off when the event is over. Not a valuable ambassador if you ask me.

Christiano Ronaldo is another horrible example. Ronaldo is ambassador for both Tag Heuer and Jacob & Co, already a bad idea if you ask me.

If you look a lavish individual like Ronaldo, a player who earns around €50 million (including sponsorships) a year and only drives Bugatti’s and flies in his private jets, would you associate that individual with €2000 dive watches (like the Tag Aquaracer), or with multi million euro diamond covered tourbillons? Exactly!

Ronaldo is often spotted wearing different million euro Jacob & Co’s and often hangs out with the brand’s founder, Jacob The Jeweler. Meanwhile, Ronaldo never wears a Tag Heuer, unless his sponsorship contact forces him to. Is that really how you want to profile your brand?


Professional Moonwatch Vs Regular Speedmaster, What’s The Difference?

The Speedmaster might be one of the most iconic chronographs ever made. I would even go a step further and say that it’s one of the most well-known and most popular watches available.

The Speedmaster jumped to mainstream success when NASA selected the watch for their first mission to the moon, the Apollo 11 mission. The watch has been widely popular ever since.



Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

2021 brought us a new Speedmaster Professional with many impressive and even more hidden upgrades. The Speedmaster has had many variations and countless limited and special editions over time, but the Professional has always been a fan favorite.

The Speedmaster Pro is the modern iteration of the watch that was worn on Apollo 11 in 1969. The Professional is often referred to as the Moonwatch, but what makes a Pro a Pro?

All Moonwatches are Speedmaster, but not all Speedmasters are Moonwatches. What’s the difference, and what should we look for?



Let’s make one thing clear: despite what the name claims, the Pro is not ‘better’ than any other Speedmaster, nor is a regular version ‘worse’ than a Pro.

The Pro is based on the original Moonwatch, and is usually slightly larger than other models. Other models of the Speedmaster follow their own philosophy, while still carrying the very visible Speedmaster DNA.

The biggest difference is in the movement and the crystal. Most modern Speedmasters have an automatic movement and a sapphire crystal, the pro has a hand wound movement and a hesalite or sapphire crystal.

‘But an automatic movement is more convenient than a hand wound movement, and a sapphire crystal is way stronger than hesalite, why does the Pro have these features?’ The reason why is simple: the original Speedmaster that went to the moon had a hand wound movement and a hesalite crystal. The Die-Hard-Moonwatch fans only want to wear the closest thing to the original. Even though a hand wound movement requires more work and hesalite can break more easily, this watch is made for the true enthusiasts.

The true enthusiasts got some great news in 2020. Caliber 321 was the movement that powered the Speedmaster that was approved by NASA. Sadly, Omega discontinued the legendary caliber after 1969.

In 2020, Omega announced that the new professional models will be powered with a modern, updated caliber 321. This means that the enthusiasts can finally get a real modern take on their beloved watch, closer to the 1969 original than ever.


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5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Omega Speedmaster

The Omega Speedmaster is one of the most well-known and best sold watches in the world. It has been a bestseller and mainstream success for decades. Why is the ‘Speedy’ so popular? Of course, the fact that the Speedmaster was the first watch on the moon plays a big role, but it’s not the only factor. Many other watches have gone to space, and have since been forgotten. Why is the Speedmaster such a timeless success? Below, you can find 5 facts about the Omega Speedmaster you didn’t know.



Omega Speedmaster

1. No Upgrades

It’s a well-known fact that the Speedmaster was the first watch on the moon. Still, Omega forgets to tell us a more impressive fact.

Almost all equipment that is taken into space is heavily modified by NASA’s engineers. The astronauts take tons and tons of gear with them, but nothing they carry is available in regular stores for normal mortals like you and me to purchase. The Speedmaster was the only exception. There was no need for NASA to modify or upgrade this watch, they thought it was perfect the way it was.


2. Moonwatch Or Olympic Watch?

Omega likes to remind us every few months that their watch was the first watch worn on the moon. Countless limited editions and a big part of their marketing budget makes sure we won’t forget. But did you know that the Speedmaster was never intended to go to the moon?

The Speedmaster was introduced in 1957 as a racing chronograph and sports watch. Omega was the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games (and still is today), and they needed a robust and sporty watch that could time laps and rounds.


3. Tachymeter

A tachymeter are the numbers on the bezel of a racing chronograph.

Many brands have tachymeters fitted on their chronographs today, but Omega were the first to place it on their watch. Another impressive innovation!


4. Snoopy

Omega has released a few limited edition Speedmasters with Snoopy on the dial. Why have they done that? It can’t just be a gimmick, can it?

Omega received the ‘Silver Snoopy Award’ from NASA. The award recognizes the effort and contribution someone (a brand, supplier or employee of NASA) has done for space exploration.

This was given to Omega because of what happened during the Apollo 13 mission. During this mission, an oxygen tank exploded, resulting on heavy electrical problems on the spacecraft. This meant that the astronauts were flying way off their course, and they could not fully rely on their equipment.

Their Omega Speedmaster saved their lives and mission. The chronograph was used to time the ignition of the rockets to get them on the right course again. Burn the rockets for too long or too short, and they would miss earth and fly into infinity.

They also used their chronograph to time the ignition of the rockets to decrease their speed when approaching earth, since that part was damaged too. Mistiming this could lead in horrible accidents, which would lead to a certain death. The astronauts miraculously all survived the return, even though the odds were heavily stacked against them. Omega was (and still is) very proud that their watch saved lives and saved the mission, so they put Snoopy on some of their watches to honor their Silver Snoopy reward.


5. Michael Schumacher had his own Speedmaster line

You might associate Michael Schumacher with Audemars Piguet, and you wouldn’t be wrong! Schumacher was indeed an ambassador for AP, but before, he was Omega’s man!

In the 90’s and 2000’s, Omega wanted to profile the Speedmaster as a racing watch to attract a new and bigger audience. They hired Schumacher, and even named a few racing models after him!


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How To Properly Treat Your Dive Watch.

Dive watches play a big and important role in horological history. These are watches that can withstand almost every stress test and situation you put them trough, no matter how rough. Thanks to James Bond, Dive watches can also be worn on formal occasions and under shirts. Thanks James!

And yet, these rugged pieces of steel can be easily damaged if you treat them in the wrong way. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to treat your dive watch right and prolong its life.



Dive Watch

Screw Down Your Crown

This might sound as a stupid and obvious first step, but unfortunately it’s not. Every year, countless dive watches get damaged by water. A half-screwed down crown can look fine, but can let in water. Always make sure your crown is tightly screwed down before you enter the water.

A dent or scratch can be polished out, but even the slightest amount of moist can be bad news.

Therefore, if you see damp or water in your watch, bring it to a watchmaker as fast as possible. if you don’t do this, your movement, hands etc. can begin to rust. This can result in a very expensive service, or even a completely new movement.


Check The Waterproofing Of Your Watch

Your steel case will keep its integrity and strengths for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The real thread are the rubber gaskets. Since a metal on metal connection can’t be made airtight, rubber gaskets make sure water doesn’t come in through the case back or crown. This makes an excellent seal, but the downside is that rubber can lose its flexibility over time. This means that you can screw down your case back and crown properly and do everything by the book, but the old and dried up rubber gaskets can still let water in under high water pressure. If you plan on diving regularly, make your you get your caskets checked and changed every few years. Changing the rubber gaskets in pretty inexpensive, and usually only costs a few euro’s. Sending your drowned dive watch in for service is significantly more expensive.


Rinse Your Watch After Swimming

‘Steel is strong, this shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Steel isn’t the problem, but the flexibility of the steel bracelet or rubber strap is.

Salt and sand from the sea and chlorine from a pool can over time damage your watch if you don’t wash it with clear water. Rubber straps also wear out quicker if you let salt water dry up on it. It’s not broken after the first swim, and no drama’s occur if you forget it once or twice, but if you are a frequent swimmer, rinsing your rubber strap will significantly prolong its life. Same thing with a steel bracelet. Salt and sand can dry up in and around the joints, making the bracelet less flexible and less smooth over time.

Another problem can be a jammed bezel. Sweat, dirt and salt can build up under your bezel. If you let this built up for years, your bezel can get jammed, making it harder or sometimes even impossible to turn.


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The History Of Tudor

Tudor is seen as a relatively new and modern brand, and is an established name under watch enthusiasts. Yet, even though their reputation is relatively young, the brand is almost one hundred years old. Let’s find out more about!



The History of Tudor

Tudor Is Owned By Rolex And Was Founded By Rolex’s Founder

This might not be a surprise for many, but it’s important to not forget how and why it happened.

‘What’s the big deal, brands buy and own other brands all the time?’

Well, this case is different, and definitely worth mentioning. Many brands and groups indeed buy other watchbands, but they stay separate brands. Omega is owned by the Swatch group, but the Swatch Group (and especially the Swatch brand) has limited to no influence in Omega’s way of doing business. Bulgari is owned by LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy), but I don’t think the guys from Louis Vuitton or Hennessy are invited to Bulgari’s brainstorm sessions.

With Tudor, it’s different. Tudor is Rolex’s sister company, and was founded in 1926 by the same guy who founded Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf. Wilsdorf founded Tudor to complement the Rolex line up. Tudor was supposed to offer a more ‘affordable’ line. This way, Wilsdorf could offer lower priced watches to a broader audience without affecting the quality and reputation of Rolex.

Today, both brands are still owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation.


Tudor Made Watches For Military Units All Over The World

The biggest seal of approval a tool watch can get is being tested, approved and used by the military.

The Tudor Submariner was for example used by the US Navy elite Seal’s and the French Marine Nationale since the mid-sixties.

This was great for Tudor’s reputation. In their early days, Tudor struggled with their reputation. Since many of the early models had very similar designs as Rolex and sometimes even the same name (Submariner, Day Date), they were considered the ‘poor man’s Rolex’.

Being selected for various militaries sixties was exactly what their reputation needed. Many Tudor Submariners were used and worn in the Vietnam War. This helped to get rid of their ‘poor man’s Rolex’ name.


Tudor Re-Launched Itself In 2009

Tudor went under the radar for a few years. In the first few decades, Tudor watches and Rolex watches were very similar. Tudor had of course key features, like their signature Snowflake hands, but there were a lot of similarities. Tudor even used Rolex cases and bracelets for their first watches. Tudor wanted to start over fresh with a complete new line up and fresh reputation.

Today, Tudor is a completely separate and strong brand. They have their own designs that look completely different than the current Rolex line-up. They really managed to give the Black Bay and Pelagos line up an incredibly strong reputation in less than 10 years. Something many brands can’t even manage to do in fifty years.


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Colors on a bezel, decoration or function?

Colorful bezels are an interesting way to bring life and soul to a watch. Next to pumping up sales, they actually serve an important function. There are two kinds of colorful bezels, and each type has a totally different task.



Colors on a Bezel

GMT Bezels

Let’s start with the GMT watches.

GMT bezels can be explained easily: they track a second (and sometimes third) time zone.

If your colorful watch has a GMT function, the color on hour bezel should be split 50/50. This is done to mark day and night. Sometimes it’s claimed that they mark AM and PM, but that statement is wrong.

Of course, you don’t need to know the difference between day and night on your primary time zone. If your watch tells you it’s 2:15 and the sun is shining, you probably know it’s daytime. No need to check it’s the middle of the night. If you track a second time zone, this can be much harder to do. Having different colors makes it easy to determine the difference between day and night

While your watch works on a 12 hour scale (your hands have the same position at 2:15 and 14:15) a GMT works with a 24 hour scale. While your hour hand makes 2 full rotations in a day, your GMT hand makes just 1 rotation per 24 hours.

This way, you don’t miss a deadline by 12 hours or accidentally call your family in the middle of night if you are abroad. Today, this problem is solved with internet and digital phones, but in fifties, sixties and seventies, a frequent traveler had to do some quick math before calling the wife and kids to check his local home time. A GMT watch could solve that issue.

Dive Bezels

Let’s dive (pun intended) into the world of dive watches

There are different explanations for colorful bezels with dive watches. These can be used to time up to 60 minute dives more easily. The only problem: colors fade away deep under water. Water absorbs different wavelengths of light at different depth. The longer the wavelength of the color, the lower the energy, and the faster the color turns grey for the human eye.

At perfectly clear water, the color red fades away after just 5 meters deep. Orange goes away after 10 meter, and green after 30 meter. Blue is one of the strongest colors, and turns grey below 60-80 meter.

This makes the famous red & blue and red & black combination rather useless under water. Even the famous blue and orange Planet Ocean bezel stands no chance when diving deep.

Other applications

Some very affordable watchbrands don’t really seem to know what these colors stand for. There are some weird watches available that have GMT bezels, but no GMT function. Or even worse: a dive bezel but close to no water resistance. These mistakes only happen on low tier watches.

So why would some brands use colors that don’t serve a real function? For the same reason that you wear colorful sneaker. Because they look good.

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Bezel Lock: Decoration Or Function?

When diving deep into the mysterious depths of the ocean, your bezel can be a lifesaver. Let me explain why.

When diving with oxygen tanks, it’s extremely important to keep track of time. The oxygen gauge of your tank is strapped tightly to your back, so you can’t just take a quick peep to see how much air you still have left in the tank while strolling on the bottom of the ocean. You have to time everything neatly and control your breath.


bezel lock

How do we solve this problem?

Since very few chronographs are water resistant, and sub dials are too small to read under water, the bezel on your dive watch is used.

If you align the 0 of the dive bezel to the minute hand when you hit the water, you can see how long you have been under water in the blink of an eye. The marks on the bezel indicate how long you have been under water, and how long you have been using your oxygen tank. The bezel is mounted on the case of your watch and is not connected to the movement. This means that it can be used under water without compromising the waterproofness of your watch. Operating for example your crown under water will turn your watch into the Titanic 2.0.

So in short: Neatly tracking your time under water is a literally a matter of life and death.

Now imagine this: you are timing your dive, and mid-dive you jam you watch into an object and the bezel turns without you knowing. Miscalculating the oxygen in your tank might result in injury or worse!

Enter the bezel lock. By pushing this button, the bezel locks into place and can't be turned in any direction.

To have a button that can be operated under water in pitch black conditions while wearing thick gloves, the button has to be easy to operate and easy to find. The Omega Ploprof might be the best and most famous example. The big colorful bezel lock button can easily be operated with gloves, and the bezel in fluted in a particular rugged way to maximize grip in the same slippery conditions. To ‘one up’, the Ploprof has a shark mesh and a fully protected crown. Crown guards protect a crown, but a fully shielded off crown takes away every risk.

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The Art Of Guilloché

Some people prefer sports watches, others prefer dress watches. Each party has compelling arguments, but once we start talking about dials, dress watches take home the prize. Monotonous sports watch dials can’t compete with enamel dials, hand painted dials, and of course guilloché dials.

Guilloché dials on watches are incredibly hypnotizing. From a fine hobnail pattern on a Breguet to the recognizable tapisserie like on a Royal Oak, guilloché is a true form of art.

Where does this incredible technique come from, and which lunatic inventor came up with this idea?


guilloché dial

“Guilloché (/ɡɪˈloʊʃ/; or guilloche) is a decorative technique in which a very precise, intricate and repetitive pattern is mechanically engraved into an underlying material via engine turning”

While you might think that Guilloché is fairly new, the technique has in fact been used for hundreds of years. It can be seen in many places you won’t expect to find it. Even though many techniques have been invented or perfected by and for watchmakers, the art of guilloché has been around long before watches existed.

The first engine turning machines were used in 1500-1600, but it is uncertain who invented the technique. Engine turning machines were first used in the middle ages to decorate soft materials. Materials like ivory and wood were often decorated to make it more exclusive and more expensive. Gold and silver was decorated to make it exceptional jewelry.

in 1968, a US patent was granted to a Guilloche machine for Wilhelm Brandstatter, but the technique was used way earlier than 1968.

Even today, guilloché can be found in places you won’t expect. Take a banknote out of your wallet and you will find a guilloché pattern. Many ID cards, certificates, post stamps and official documents have similar patterns. This is used to make it harder to counterfeit these documents, since these patterns are extremely hard to replicate without the right tools.

The art of guilloché was introduced in watchmaking around 1786 by the founder of Breguet, Abraham-Louis Breguet.

He in fact was the first watchmaker to use this technique on a pocket watch. Ever since, Breguet has always been synonymous with top tier guilloché.

Christmas Gift Inspiration: 5 Watches Under €1000

After one hell of a year, Christmas is right around the corner. This might be the excellent time to surprise your loved one with a last minute Christmas gift. Or you can just spoil yourself, because why shouldn’t you? Do you want to place a watch box under your Christmas tree without breaking the bank?



christmas gift watch

Today, we are going to look at 5 brand new watches under €1000.


Ball Trainmaster Legend

Ball Trainmaster Legend is a truly underrated gem. This 40mm watch has a sleek black dial and classy stainless steel bracelet. The watch comes brand new in box, and is available for just €850. This watch retails for €1.900, so that’s a 55% discount!

The Montblanc Star Classique lady

How about something for the ladies? The Montblanc Star Classique lady is a timepiece of distinguished shape: essential, pure and elegantly slim. The 34mm case and Mother Of Pearl colored dial makes this a true jewel, and might be the ultimate gift a woman can receive. Enjoy the 51% discount while you can, because this watch is currently for sale for €850 instead of the recommended €1.750

Baume & Mercier Clifton Silver Dial

The Baume & Mercier Clifton is a truly classy watch. With its Silver dial and black alligator leather strap, all this watch needs is you in a tuxedo. This 45mm case has a sapphire crystal, so it can take whatever situation you wear it in. While this watch retails at €2.250, we have it for sale for only €950

Baume & Mercier Clifton Opaline Blue Dial

This is the same watch as above, but instead of a silver dial, it has a hypnotizing opaline blue dial and gilt numerals. A bit less tuxedo vibe than the silver dial, but maybe a bit more ‘driving a Vespa in Capri’ vibe. A bold watch that can be found on our website for only €999

Longines Equestrian

The Longines Equestrian is another classy ladies watch. The Equestrian expresses Longines passion for all equestrian sports. This 24.7mm watch has a stainless steel case and bracelet, and blued steel hands. This means that the color of the hands changes from black to blue, depending on the light you put it in.

While this watch retails at €1.220, we have it for sale for €650.

3 reasons why you should buy a pre-loved watch

It is a question that we often encounter here at Timepiece Bank; "Why would I buy a pre-owned watch when I could just buy a new one?". While every person has their own reasons for buying a second-hand, we've put together some of the key benefits of choosing a model from our fantastic and ever-changing pre-owned selection.


rolex pre-owned watch

1. Price tag

A new luxury watch can be an expensive purchase. Certain watches can be 20% to 30% cheaper on the second-hand market.

2. Choice of rare and terminated models

Our range of pre-owned watches includes many models that are out of production. Who knows, you might find your dream watch at a cheaper price.

3. Rising demand

The second-hand market for luxury watches has grown seriously in recent years. Take Rolex, for example. This brand cannot cope with the growing demand for new models. The waiting lists sometimes go up to 10 years. If you buy a second-hand Rolex from us, you will receive it within a few days.