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Panorama Date

A Panorama Date (or large date) shows a large date, as the name says.

Panorama Date

The display of a date - large or normal - is a representation of a date, you will probably say. But the big date, unlike the "normal" date, is a complex mechanism consisting of 2 round discs, with only the units 1 to 3 on the first disk and the units 0 to 9 on the 2nd disk. This complication requires perfect synchronization between the individual disks. In most cases, each of these 2 disks has its own window on the dial.

The advantages of stainless steel watches

Why are stainless steel watches so popular these days?

The advantages of stainless steel watches
Stainless steel is rust and corrosion-resistant
Stainless steel can’t be affected by moisture, perspiration and seawater (salts and acids)
Stainless steel is anti-allergic
A skin reaction due to irritation is rare. The pure stainless steel used for watches and jewelery is of the high content 316L. Only this high pure quality is used by the better brands of watches. Rolex even uses 904L steel. This steel is harder and more rust and corrosion-resistant than other steels, it can take and hold a polish incredibly well.
Stainless steel is very hard
The 316L steel is processed with high precision and has a very long life. The melting point of stainless steel is above +/- 1550 ° C.
Stainless steel is modern and affordable!
Stainless steel is used more and more in the jewelry sector, such as luxury watches.

The Glashütte Original Senator Perpetual Calendar

In 2012, the German manufacturer 'Glashütte Original' presented a new Senator Pepetual Calendar, the flagship of the senator line. Since its introduction in 1997, the Senator models have been one of the pillars of the watch collection of the Saxon factory. Under the guise; 'something for everyone' you can obtain this perpetual calendar model in several variations: in rose gold with a silver or matte black roman dial.

The Glashütte Original Senator Perpetual Calendar

Or in stainless steel with a warm silver, a matt black roman dial or a blue roman dial. They all come with a crocodile, rubber or steel strap. In addition, there are four little windows that give visibility to the day, month, large date and moon phase.
On the black dial, the moon phases are pictured on a black plate with silver stars and a radiant silver moon, while on the other dials there is a blue disc, with warm silver stars and a warm silver moon. Furthermore, a round display has been included under the brand name 'Glashütte' to indicate the phase of the leap year: a red dot indicates a leap year, followed by yellow, black and white dots for the consecutive years. The beating heart of this fantastic line is the factory automatic caliber 100-02. The glass caseback gives a nice view on the mechanism.

Swiss Made

On watches from Switzerland you will often encounter the label "Swiss Made" at the bottom of the dial. This label enjoys a worldwide reputation and expresses a high level of quality that has been carefully built up by the various Swiss watch houses over the years and is still doing so.

Swiss Made

The competition increased because not only in Switzerland watches were made of high quality. And because of that they decided in the early 70s to protect the label "Swiss Made". Swiss Made indicates that a watch meets strict criteria written down in a Swiss law, the Ordinance of December 23, 1971, which was modified on May 27, 1992. According to this, a watch may only wear the Swiss Made label if it meets minimum requirements. Recently the law has been tightened up.

German Watchmaking Brands & Manufacturers

Glashütte Original

What do people say when they’re asked where all high end watches come from? That’s right, Switzerland. But what a lot of people don’t know is that for decades now, the Germans are making high end watches that match every aspect of their Swiss counterparts.

The German village of Glashütte doesn’t ring a bell with most people. But in fact it is the epicenter of German watchmaking. Brands like A Lange & Söhne, Glashütte Original, Nomos and Moritz Grossman all house there. In 1845, Ferdinand A Lange brought watchmaking to the village.

The brand flourished until the second world war. As all companies, A Lange & Söhne had a rough time during the war. After the war was done, all companies in Glashütte fell under the Soviet-regime and had to produce military watches. After the fall of the iron curtain, the watchmakers of Glashütte started to rebuild the reputation of their watches. Thankfully, a lot of watch enthousiasts fell in love again with the charm of the watches and their characteristics such as the three-quarter plate, the swan-neck fine adjustment and the sunburst decorated wheels. These features are all typical for watches from Glashütte and even date back to the late 1800’s. Today the German watches are known for their highly decorated movements and quality which can easily match that of Swiss watch manufacturers.

Celebs And Their Watches

The life of celebrities is one that fascinates many. They inspire a lot of people by what they do and what they wear. This also goes for watches. When celebrities are seen with a specific watch, demand goes up significantly. Social media also plays a great role in this. People follow their favorite celebrities on all these different channels and get updates and photos of their lives multiple times a day. That’s why brands want to have brand ambassadors to sport their watches.

David Beckham and Lady Gaga are both ambassadors for Tudor. Beckham started working with Tudor since 2017 and kicked off the “Born To Dare” campaign. Before that, he was an ambassador for Breitling since 2012. Lady Gaga also joined the team in 2017 and is Tudor’s first female ambassador.

Daniel Craig represents Omega. Although James Bond started of wearing Rolex, Daniel has been wearing Omega watches during his entire Bond career.

Richard Mille works together with Rafael Nadal. By now, 4 models bear Nadal’s name. All 4 watches have a tourbillon, normally a delicate, complex and relatively fragile complication. But these watches are worn by Nadal during his games so Richard Mille designed them to be super light and to withstand extreme shocks up to 10.000G’s. The lightest model, the RM27-01 only weighs 18,83 grams, that’s including the strap!

John Mayer is a big watch fanatic. His collection is apparently worth in the millions. He is a collector with a passion for new and vintage watches. He was featured on Hodinkee’s “Talking Watches” were he brought a small part of his collection. His taste goes to exclusive and rare watches.

Breitling Navitimer - a history

Breitling Navitimer

One of Breitling’s most iconic models, the Navitimer, proves to remain a favorite not only with pilots. Since its introduction in 1952, the Navitimer has turned in to a multifunctional and popular model.

The Navitimer, designed to be used by pilots, is an evolution of the Breitling Chronomat. The first Navitimer, ref. 806, became the official watch of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). It was also used for a long period of time by the US Air Force. By the use of clever marketing, Breitling was able to attract lots of pilots. This dramatically increased the demand for navigation chronographs. Also, Breitling was the official supplier of board instruments for all the big aircraft companies.This rich history formed the bases of Breitling: aviation.

The first Navitimer came equipped with a Venus caliber 178. This chronograph movement in combination with the slide rule bezel, made it possible for the pilot to calculate average speed, gas consumption, rate of climb, rate of descent, ground speed, miles per minute,…
All vital information for the pilot during his flight. Late 1960’s, Breitling started to use the automatic caliber Valjoux 7740. This movement was widely used in watches from that time because to movement was easily adaptable to implement popular complications like a date, day and moon phase.

In the 70’s, the quartz crisis hit Switzerland. Breitling tried to react by making a Navitimer with LCD screen but unfortunately it couldn’t help the drastic decrease in sales. In 1978, Breitling got sold to Ernest Schneider. Ernest, a pilot himself, moved the company to Grenchen where it began its new life in 1982. As interest in mechanical watches picked up after the quartz crisis, Breitling grew to become one of the most well known watch manufacturers in the world. The next step for the company was to reduce using watch movements supplied by other manufacturers and to start to start manufacturing their own caliber. So in 2009, the Breitling caliber 01 saw the light of day. This chronometer certified movement with a column-wheel chronograph and date function is still used today.

Alarm Watches

In todays world, were we all live in a race against time and were minutes matter, the alarm watch still proves itself to be very useful. An alarm watch is able to sound at a pre-set time which is handy for reminding people of certain things, cooking food and waking up.

Originally a feature only found in clocks, Eterna’s watchmakers were able to downsize all parts and implement this feature into a watch for the first time in 1908 but only went in to production in 1914. Although not loud enough to wake a person, it was a handy feature to remind people of certain things.

The first company who made an alarm watch loud enough to wake a person was Vulcain. Their so called “Cricket” watches came in to production in 1947. The alarm watches really caught on and quickly other brands started developing them. In 1958, Jaeger-LeCoultre released the “Memovox”. This model turned in to the classic we know now and it’s still a part of their collection. Other brands like Breguet have improved the alarm function by making it hearable under water to a depth up to 300m or like Glashütte Original who made the alarm programable up to 30 days in advance.

Today, the alarm watch is a pretty rare bird. Because of modern technology and the high cost, these watches are a collectors thing now and rarely seen in the wild. We would surely love to these mechanical wonders more!

Discontinued Watches

Imagine, while you’re searching on the internet you fall in love with a watch. You get in the car and go to the nearest official dealer. Unfortunately, you get to hear that the watch has been ‘discontinued’. But this doesn’t mean you’ll never get the chance to buy your beloved watch.

Discontinued Watches

First of all, what does ‘discontinued’ mean? The word ‘discontinued’ can be placed between ‘Vintage’ (watches that are usually at least 30 years old) and ‘contemporary’ (current watch models). Discontinued doesn’t mean that the watch is 30 years old, it’s just that it isn’t offered by the brand anymore. If you still have that desire to buy your beloved watch, you can always search on the internet for trustful watch traders like Timepiece Bank. We have a wide selection of contemporary and discontinued watches. And what about the price? You may think that a discontinued watch in good condition has become unaffordable. Well, in some rare cases it has. But it would be wrong to think all discontinued watches rise in value. Most of them retain their value, depending on their condition, and for some you even pay a smaller price. The most important thing to know is that the price depends on how coveted the watch is.

Nomos Glashütte

Nomos watches are mechanical watches with the highest precision made in the former station building of Glashütte, a special place for a striking brand.

Nomos Glashütte

Nomos' hand-wound calibers are technical delights that are largely produced in-house. With the introduction of the automatic caliber of the Tangomat, also developed and produced in-house, Nomos has joined the exclusive club of "Manufacture" watchmakers.

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