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5 Omega models you didn’t know existed

Omega today exists for the majority of Seamasters and Speedmasters. Even though their modern line-up is way bigger than these two, the Seamaster and Speedmaster claim most of the attention. Here are 5 Omega models you did not know existed.

Speedmaster 1045 TV dial

The Speedmaster TV dial is a weird one. Omega made some Speedmaster with LCD screens, but this one attracts the most frowns. Due to low success, it was quickly discontinued and forgotten.

Omega Triple date moonphase 2471-1

This watch was made in the late forties and early fifties, and looks just amazing. I wouldn’t mind if Omega would bring these back.

Omega Cosmic 1951

This is the least Omega looking Omega.

Omega La Magique

The Omega La Magique is a rare bird, only 216 pieces were ever made. It also has a famous fan: Tony Montana. In the 1983 classic Scarface, Al Pachino wore an Omega La Magique.

Megaquartz Seamaster 1000

This one is actually a prototype. It was never in production, but can be found in the Omega museum. It has a lot of DNA of the Ploprof.

5 Rolex models you didn’t know existed

Rolex stays very loyal to its models. The first Datejust was introduced in 1945, the Submariner in 1953, the GMT-master in 1954, and the Day-Date in 1956. These are all watches that are still available (and extremely popular) today. It looks like they never change a winning team. But still, there are a lot of Rolex models that are completely forgotten over time.

Here are 5 models you didn’t know existed:


The Zephyr was born in the fifties, but was never really popular. Even today, you can find them for 2/3k, which is a bargain for a rare vintage Rolex.

These are the perfect ingredients to be a future collectible. Maybe the price will shoot up in a few years, who knows. 

Albino Explorer

This is a white dial Explorer 1. Yes you read that right. Not a white dial Explorer 2, known as the Polar explorer, but a white dial 1016. 

There is very little information available about this watch. Rolex never even confirmed that this watch was produced. There are also some white dial submariners and white dial GMT masters, made for Pan Am, but the white dial Explorer 1 is a mystery. 

Space Dweller

This one might be harder to spot. It’s a 1016 explorer, but with a different line of text. Only a very small batch of Space Dwellers were made in the late sixties, and they were only available for the Japanese market. Rumours say that only about a dozen were produced, but once again, no one knows for sure. 

King Midas

The Kind Midas is kind of a forgotten Rolex model. It was born in the seventies, and was quite popular in its day. Back then, it was one of the most expensive watches in the Rolex catalogue. Today’s prices are around 12-17k, depending on the condition. 

Fun fact: Elvis Presley was spotted wearing a King Midas several times. 

Air Tiger

This name might ring a bell. Is it linked with an Air King? It is! 

Rolex released a few ‘air’ models in 1945. The air models were designed for the British Royal Air Force. There were 4 air watches released: Air Tiger, Air Lion, Air Giant and Air King. We all know which one survived. 

4 Reasons why men wear a watch

1. Multifunctional Where women often have multiple options when it comes to wearing jewelry, it is limited for men. Many men only wear a watch, because this is often the only accessory that is right for them. Fortunately, there are many different types of watches. You can, for example, wear one that is specifically designed for sports, for work or simply to make an impression. The watch is therefore suitable for several situations. 2. Piece of Art Every luxury watch brand pays a lot of attention to the design, the main characteristics and the materials of their timepieces. It’s important to create the perfect watch that everyone can enjoy for generations. 3. Distinctive A watch can also distinct you from other people. As discussed, each watch can have its own purpose and each has its own design. For most people it is more than just an article that only indicates the time. They really see the watch as a part of their human being. Often, the type of watch says something about someone's appearance and the type of person. 4. Collection A fourth reason why watches can be so popular is because it’s a good collector's item. Where women often collect shoes, earrings or handbags, a man can decide to start collecting watches. Since so many different types exist, it is quite a challenge to collect as many unique and special watches as possible.

Complication watches

If a mechanical watch offers more functions than just the time (hours, minutes, seconds), then it is considered a 'complicated' timepiece. Each 'extra' function next to hours and minutes is then called a complication. Some complications are: - Moonphase - Perpetual Calendar - Flyback - Date - Alarm - Panorama Date - Power Reserve

Automatic Watches

One of the beautiful things about a mechanical watch is that is requires interaction with its owner to function. That coiled mainspring will only provide power for a day or two (or sometimes longer) if you don’t keep it wound. The automatic, or self-winding, watch, functions as its name suggests. As long as you’re wearing it, the mainspring maintains tension thanks to the weighted rotor in the movement that oscillates with your arm’s movements. A slipping clutch prevents the spring from getting overwound. Unless you don’t wear your watch daily or you’re an extremely inactive person, you won’t have to wind your automatic. But if you do, just give the crown 20 or 30 spins until the seconds hand starts moving, set the time and then strap it on. 

Omega Planet Ocean

With its history on the world's oceans in mind, OMEGA introduced the Seamaster Planet Ocean series in 2005 - a tribute to the heritage of OMEGA in the field of diving watches. Equipped with very advanced technology and a contemporary design, Omega created an entirely new divers watch which became a modern classic. The Planet Ocean models are also ‘Master Chronometer’ timepieces. They all meet the highest standards in accuracy, performance and magnetic resistance.

Blue Dial Watches

Blue dials are extremely popular these days. For example; blue dial models from Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe are extremely desirable and the results are very long waiting lists. But why are people seeking for that one particular color? The color blue brings us a lot of joy when we see it around us. For some the color refers to a beautiful blue sky and for others a mysterious blue ocean. The color also occurs in our wardrobes, think about your favorite pair of jeans or that blue jacket. Blue is considered as the warmest color as well. It can be easily worn in combination with several other colors. Fashion experts recommend wearing a blue dial watch for important interviews because it symbolizes a sense of loyalty, cleanliness and understanding.

DLC Coating

Sometimes, luxury watches are coated with DLC.

DLC Coating

DLC stands for: ‘Diamond-like carbon’. As the name implies, DLC possesses some of the valuable properties of diamonds. DLC can be applied to almost any material. If DLC in pure form is applied, it is just as hard as natural diamonds. A watch case that is equipped with DLC coating offers exceptional protection against wear and exposure to moisture.

PVD Coating

PVD stands for ‘Physical Vapor Deposition’. It is a modern technology in which condensation of atoms or molecules from a gas or vapor form thin, but very hard layers of coating (1 to 3 micrometers) when they are applied to a metal carrier, for example the watch case or other metal parts. This process takes place under vacuum. 

PVD Coating

PVD is often used within watchmaking by giving stainless steel or titanium a colored coating, usually yellow (gold), but other colors also occur. PVD coating has the advantage of being very scratch-resistant, resistant to corrosion and makes it possible to choose in many different colors.

Helium Release Valve

A helium release valve is a valve that is designed for watches that are suitable for deep-sea diving. The noble gas helium consists of one of the smallest molecules and is able to penetrate into the watch when diving at great depths (and thus high pressure).

Helium Release Valve

Once in the watch, this gas can’t escape quickly enough, unless the watch is equipped with a helium release valve to let the helium escape from the watch during lowering the pressure. This is necessary to prevent the watch from exploding during decompression. There are helium release valves that you can open and close yourself, but there are also brands / models where the valve automatically opens and closes. Not every watch that is designed for scuba diving is equipped with a helium release valve. In that case, these watches are designed so that no helium can penetrate into the watch.